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Should You Pop A Blister: Understanding Blister Treatment

Raised sacs filled with fluid are called blisters. The fluid inside them must be blood, or pus or white liquid. Blisters are not pleasant looking and can be uncomfortable when they occur on your body parts. But should you pop it when they arise? If you have to pop it at all then you must follow the right steps and do it correctly.

Mostly blisters will heal by themselves and wouldn’t require any sort of treatment. When the skin gets damaged, the produces blisters as a way to heal. But if they are very large and ugly, then you might feel uncomfortable when they erupt. Below the blister new layers of skin below start forming.

Types of blisters

types of pop a blister


Friction blisters

When our skin feels rough and rough and rubs against a surface friction occurs. This friction leads to blisters. Blisters could be filled with fluids.

Blood blisters

If due to friction, blood vessels also get damaged. Then blisters form and get filled with blood. It is more dangerous than friction blister.

Burn blisters

When your skin gets burned, then blisters occurs. Burns are a way that your skin reacts against burns and heals. They are filled with blisters. Such blisters are painful, big and red. Usually they will heal by itself and you don’t need to do anything for it. burns can be superficial, partial or full thickness, depending upon the layers of the skin that are involved.

They can be caused if you come in contact with excessive heat or electricity. The whole area might look swollen or red.

Blisters due to infections by microorganisms

Bacteria or virus microorganisms can cause fluid filled blisters. it can be filled with pus and can be infected. Do not pop them as they might lead to infections and may make the whole situation even worse.

How do I know if it’s infected?

should you pop a burn blister

infected lips

If you pop open the blisters, then it is open and might me more prone to infection. If you want to pop your blister then watch out for any signs of infection

  1. Pus oozing out

  2. Pain around the area

  3. Swelling

  4. Warm skin around blister

How to pop a blister safely?

How to pop a blister safely

person popping a blister

Popping your blister is not a very good thought. Most of them would heal by themselves. But if you still want to pop them then better do it the right way.

Follow these tips

  1. wash the area with water and soap.

  2. apply iodine near a closed blister to avoid the spread of infection.

  3. The tool you use for popping should be sterilized and clean with alcohol so that it does not cause infection.

  4. make multiple pricks around the blister and let the fluid in it flow out.

  5. apply Vaseline and cover that area up to avoid infections. You can use gauze piece

  6. keep tab of the area and make sure signs of infections don’t appear. Change gauze frequently.

In case infection develops, like pus or redness then call you doctor for help.

How to prevent blisters?


applying medicine on skin

Below mentioned are the tips to avoid the formation of blisters:

Wear socks

Prevent your feet from becoming dry. If they are dry then they are more prone to friction and hence, blisters occur more often. Wear socks to prevent dehydration and dryness.

Keep moisture at bay

Apply drying agents to manage your swollen feet. So stay away from moisture.

Make sure your shoes fit

If you wear too tight shoes or even new shoes then, you might experience a lot of friction. So wear the shoes with socks or apply cream inside. Wear it often and loosen it up at home itself rather than wearing it outside for the first time. Try wearing it in the afternoon when feet are swollen and it will help open up your shoe.

Protect your hands

Gloves should be worn to protect hands and fingers specially if you are exercising or doing weight lifting.

Even if you pop the blister, all steps should be taken to avoid infection from happening.

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