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Simple Steps to Prevent Migraine

Consider yourself lucky if you haven’t experienced a migraine attack in your life. Defined as an intense, throbbing pain on or both sides of your head, migraines can wreak havoc with the quality of a person’s daily life. The nature of migraines is such that they can occur without a moment’s notice, thus, disrupting the flow of your laid out plans and routines.

There are treatments to help patients manage their migraine attacks that include medications and therapies. However, many people are not aware of how to prevent migraines naturally. They search for ways on how to cure migraines permanently, hoping to find at least one medicine that will stop it from happening again. Stopping migraines on its tracks is not as simple as it sounds. But there are certain steps you can take to reduce their frequency.

What Triggers Migraine Attacks?

Migraine triggers

Migraine attacks can be triggered by a number of factors. If you’re unaware about them, then go through the list mentioned below.

  1. An irregular sleep-wake pattern characterized by either too much or too little rest.

  2. Sudden changes in weather

  3. Excessive intake of alcoholic beverages

  4. Hormonal fluctuations in women

  5. Reaction to certain medications

  6. Work, relationship, or family related stress

  7. Reaction to bright lights, intense smells, and loud noises

How to Avoid Migraine Home Remedies

You need to understand how to cope up with the migraine pain when it occurs. There are certain healthy and simple non-medical remedies that you can use to avoid these kinds of headaches from ruining your life.

  1. Maintain a migraine diary

  2. Inculcate healthy lifestyle habits

  3. Eat unprocessed, whole foods

  4. Stress management practices

  5. Form good sleeping habits

1.   Maintain a Migraine Diary

Migraine diary

A calendar with a pack of pills, Credit: Pixabay

Neurology professionals recommend keeping a headache diary to find out the connection between migraine triggers, your headache, and lifestyle. It enables you to discern a pattern of the time of your migraine attacks. For example, on weekends, in the evenings, or the mornings. Keep a record of the migraine medication that you consume. When you start finding out a pattern in your headaches, you will be better equipped to deal with them.

Alternatively, instead of a diary, you can use a free headache diary app to keep track of all your migraine episodes and triggers.

2.   Inculcate Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Exercise regularly

Man cycling on the road, Credit: Pixabay

Nurturing healthy lifestyle habits go a long way in helping you manage migraine symptoms. Ensure that you’re eating well-balanced meals, maintaining a proper sleeping routine, and exercising regularly. When your brain becomes accustomed to a regular sleep-wake-eat-exercise pattern, it becomes easier for it to work accordingly. Hence, it is a kind of reassurance to your mind that everything is well and okay.

3.   Eat Unprocessed, Whole Foods

Healthy food

Woman purchasing fruits, Credit: Pixabay

You should know about the food to prevent migraine. Natural, whole, and unprocessed foods like fresh fruits and vegetables and protein-rich meals can help you a lot to deal with migraines. Unhealthy and processed foods trigger chemicals like MSG and Nitrites in your body which, in turn, trigger migraines.

To relieve yourself from migraine pain, especially in the early stages, you can consume small quantities of caffeinated beverages like tea and coffee. But don’t consume them in large amounts as it can worsen your headache.

4.   Stress Management Practices

how to prevent migraines naturally

Woman listening music, Credit: Pixabay

You cannot cure migraine permanently. But you can avoid daily stress to keep your migraine attacks under control. Take some time out for yourself every day and relax. Organize your time and set achievable targets. Always stay positive and never quit when you witness overwhelming circumstances. Take some time out for your hobbies and enjoy yourself.

5.   Form Good Sleeping Habits

Sleeping hygiene

Woman sleeping on the bed, Credit: Pixabay

Very often, migraines are triggered by inadequate rest. For this to not happen, you need to maintain a regular sleeping pattern. Listen to soothing music before your bedtime and avoid eating or drinking 2-3 hours before you hit the bed. Maintain a calm environment in your bedroom so that sleep is easily induced.

The above-mentioned lifestyle changes can help a lot in preventing the occurrence of migraines. You need to consciously create healthy lifestyle habits that will act as a foundation to a stress free, fulfilling life.

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