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Sucralfate Suspension – Uses Dosage and Side Effects

Our stomach and intestines can develop many disorders as a result of a variety of factors.among the many stomach and intestinal disorders, the formation of ulcers is common. The most recommended medicine for ulcers that form in these organs is sucralfate suspension. This medicine treats conditions like duodenal ulcers.

What is a duodenal ulcer? You might wonder. It is an ulcer that is formed in the lining that is present at the small intestine, in its beginning. Duodenum is the name given to this lining that appears at the very beginning of our small intestines. The ulcers are a result of bacterial infection that occurs due to the bacteria, Helicobacter pylori. Sucralfate suspension syrup treatment is not long term. It lasts for around eight weeks or two months. It begins to work instantly and the patient can experience significant differences in their condition during the first week of the treatment itself.

What Are sucralfate suspension syrup uses and Benefits?

sucralfate suspension uses

Woman pouring medicine syrup, Credit: Canva

Intestinal ulcers is an extremely discomforting condition. The sores that are present in these ulcers in the small intestine’s inner lining are very painful. It is here that sucralfate suspension uses come to the fore.

There are two uses of this medicine

  1. intestinal ulcers

  2. Stomach ulcers

Intestinal ulcers

This suspension treatment starts working by minimizing the production of acid in the stomach. As the production of acid is reduced, any further damage to the ulcers is also reduced. The ulcer then starts healing slowly. Sucralfate suspension is generally given by the doctor alongside some other medications. These other medications that are given along with sucralfate suspension are given largely depending on the particular cause which led to the formation of ulcer.

Another important point to note when you ingest sucralfate suspension is that although overtime,  you may find your symptoms reducing in severity or disappearing altogether, you should nevertheless, not stop consuming this syrup medicine. Consume it for as long as your doctor prescribes you.

Ulcers of the stomach

Stomach ulcers are sores that appear in your stomach’s inner lining. They are also extremely discomforting and painful. Sucralfate suspension is effective in the treatment of stomach ulcers. It works by covering the tissue in the stomach that is damaged by the ulcers. This prevents any further deterioration of the tissue due to the ulcers. Thus, the ulcers start healing.

Sucralfate suspension syrup is also effective in providing the patient relief from the extreme pain that is caused by the ulcers in the stomach. Here also, you need to continue with the treatment even if you find your symptoms disappearing or reducing in severity. It is important for the medication to prove effective.

Sucralfate Suspension Dosage and How to Use It

sucralfate suspension dosage

medicine pills and bottles, Credit: Canva

The tablet is available in 1 gram while in syrup form it is 1000 mg or 10 ml. For duodenal ulcers, sucralfate suspension tablets in the quantity of 1 gram os to be administered to adults in a period of 6 hours. This dosage is to be followed at the time of starting the process of the treatment. Gradually, the 1 gram tablet is to be orally administered every 12 hours.

Sucralfate suspension tablet is to be consumed when your stomach is fairly empty. Do not consume it on a full stomach. Consume it approximately one hour before you sit down for your meal. You can also consume it two hours after you have had your meal.

The drug is to be taken by mouth. For it to show results, it should be consumed at least two to four times on a daily basis. Sucralfate suspension dosage that you consume will totally depend on your specific medical condition. Follow a regular and consistent schedule when you consume it. Do not be irregular with your dosage if you want to derive its full benefits.

Your ulcer will take around a month or two months to heal completely. If you are also taking any other medications at the time of consuming sucralfate suspension then you may find that those other medications are not performing as well as they should be. In such a case, you should take the other medication at a different time of the day. If you are taking an antacid, then you can consume those with sucralfate suspension but there should be a gap of about thirty minutes between both these medications.

If you do not see any alleviation in the severity of your symptoms, then you should consult your doctor immediately.

Are There Any Side Effects of Sucralfate Suspension?

sucralfate suspension side effects

woman experiencing a headache, Credit: Canva

This medicine, although safe, can cause certain side effects in patients. If you have begun the course of this medication, then you may find yourself experiencing some of the side effects that are listed below.

  1. Constipation or difficulty in regular bowel movement

  2. Diarrhea, or uncontrollable liquid bowel motions

  3. Dizziness

  4. A feeling of drowsiness

  5. A dry sensation in the mouth

  6. Gas in the stomach. You can also find yourself bloated.

  7. Headache

  8. Indigestion issues

  9. Presence of rash in the skin. You may also find your skin itching more than usual.

  10. Also, You may find yourself feeling nauseous sometimes.

  11. You may find it difficult to sleep soundly. Some people can also develop insomnia.

  12. Pain in the stomach area.

  13. Vomiting

Precautions to Follow before Using Sucralfate Suspension


Person driving car, Credit: Canva

  1. Do not consume alcohol if you are on this medication treatment.

  2. If you are pregnant, do ask your physician before beginning its treatment plan.

  3. As the medicine decreases mental alertness, do not drive after consuming it.

  4. Patients with kidney disease need to use it with caution.

  5. Patients with liver diseases also need to consult their doctor.

Sucralfate suspension is an effective medicine that is used for treating and helping people recover from stomach and intestinal ulcers. It reduces the symptoms in as early as four weeks. However, in the absence of any improvement in your condition, it’s best to reach out to your doctor.

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