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Top 10 Traits Of People Who May Have Asperger Syndrome

What is aspergers syndrome?

Asperger’s Syndrome is a neurodevelopmental disorder. Young children with Asperger’s Syndrome have a hard time forming social relationship and their behavior and thinking patterns can be awkward and repetitive.

They have hard time communicating with others and often have an awkward body language. They might also think and talk a lot about one topic or interest or only want to do a small range of activities.

Boys are more likely than girls to have Asperger’s Syndrome. Most children are diagnosed between the ages of five and nine, with some as early as three years of age.

Top 10 Traits of  People with Aspergers Syndrome

1. Less Social and Empathetic


child with lack of emotions, Credit: Pexels

One of the signs of Aspergers is difficulty reading other people’s emotions, facial expressions, and how they should respond in emotional situations. They often have problem making friends.

2. Repetitive or Robotic Speech

Aspergers syndrome

A child with repetitive speech, Credits: pixabay

Engaging in repetitive behavior is a common symptom of Aspergers syndrome.  They have a robotic style of speaking and have repetitive speech.

3. Awkward Facial Expressions

Aspergers syndrome

A child with fixed facial expression, Credits: pexels

One of the common sign is trouble interpreting gestures and inability to recognize humor or sarcasm.

4. Inflexibility and Dependence on Routines

A inflexible child

A inflexible child, Credits: pexels

People with Aspergers don’t respond well to other forms of change. They are often rigid and respond poorly to change in routine. They prefer a strict schedule or routine.

5. Can Focus for Long Periods

a child focusing on playing

a child focusing on playing, Credit: Pexels

People with Aspergers have the ability to focus sometimes for very long periods of time, more than normal people.

6. Prefer One-Sided Conversations

A socially inactive child

A socially inactive child, Credit: Pexels

People with Aspergers are socially awkward. This is the way their brain works! They are not being mean or rude by this.

7. Shy From Making an Eye Contact

aspergers syndrome

A Shy child, Credit: Pexels

You might notice your friend or co-worker looking off into the distance and not making an eye contact while talking. Such people could be suffering from Aspergers syndrome.

 8. Sensitive to Sensory Stimuli

 Aspergers syndrome

A child sensitive to light, Credit: Pexels

Many children with Asperger’s syndrome have heightened sensory sensitivity to noises, touch, odors, tastes, or visual stimuli.

9. Delayed Cognitive Development

A child studying

A child studying, Credit: Pixabay

From handwriting to riding a bike, poor or delayed motor skills of many kinds could be a sign of Asperger’s syndrome. They have trouble absorbing abstract information.

10. Very Unusual Body Language

Aspergers syndrome

An awkward child, Credit: Pexels

Signs of Asperger’s syndrome include unusual posture and behavior and have problem with coordination.

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