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Top 5 Best Oils For Hair Growth And Thickness

Healthy hair can add oodles of charm to anyone’s appearance. No wonder why men and women strive to avail the latest hair care products and don’t hesitate to undergo any expensive hair beautifying treatment. They style their hair using heat and other tools which for the time being may impart their hair a polished and shiny look, but in the long run make them prone to dryness and breakage issues. Hair oils are age honoured methods of preserving the health of the hair. They help you combat the effect of environmental exposure and their massage helps to increase the blood circulation in the scalp.

Like for every other commodity, today the market for hair products is teeming with oils from different brands that promise big things. In such a scenario, it is challenging to pinpoint the best oil for hair growth. You can be overwhelmed by the tall promises of every other hair oil that you see. It is not uncommon for every other hair oil to claim itself as the best hair oil for hair growth. But you don’t need to confuse yourself anymore. Given below is the list of some of the most potent oils that definitely fulfill their claim of being the best hair growth oil. Take a look at them.

Best Oil for Hair Growth – Your Ultimate Buying List

1.   WOW Onion Black Seed Hair Oil

hair oil for hair thickness

A bowl of oil, Credit: Canva

It is the best oil for hair growth. This black seed hair oil contains onion extracts in huge amounts. Onion is known to fight hair fall as it contains the compound sulphur. Many people have experienced positive results when they have applied hair care products that are filled with the goodness of onions. But not only onion, this hair oil also contains a variety of essential oils which combined with onions work to strengthen your hair follicles and impart them more shine. It is also free from any harsh ingredients. You can purchase it for Rs. 599.

2.   Indulekha Bhringraj Hair Oil

bhringraj hair oil

Hair Oil, Credit: Canva

Are you tired of searching for the best hair oil for hair growth and thickness to no avail? Well, Indulekha Bhringraj hair oil is here to end your long search. It is the best oil for hair growth which solves the dual purpose of hair weakening along with scalp conditions that may hinder effective growth. The oil is fully natural. So you need not worry about putting any harsh ingredients on your scalp in the guise of hair oil. Purchase this hair oil for Rs. 432.

3.   Mamaearth Onion Hair Oil for Hair Growth

Mamaearth Onion

hair oil bottle, Credit: Canva

Mamaearth is a well known brand that designs organic and natural skin and hair products. Their onion hair oil can be termed as the  best oil for hair growth and thickness. It contains a mix of onion oil along with other great oils like sunflower, amla, and hibiscus. All of them work to provide intense nourishment and nutrition to the area of your scalp. Regular usage of this oil makes your hair shiny, minimises hair fall, and increases their growth process. All these qualities make it the best oil for hair growth. You can buy it for Rs. 530.

4.   Parachute Advanced Scalp Therapie Hair Oil

best hair oil

Hair care products, Credit: Canva

Parachute, the company whose products we have used since childhood can be easily trusted to produce the best oil for hair growth. They have recently created a new version of their old hair oil, the scalp therapie hair oil. This variant is replete with lots of minerals as well as oils of coconut, vitamin E, B, amla, and Brahmi. It definitely renews the texture of your hair and makes it more healthy and shiny. An inexpensive oil, it can be purchased for just Rs. 150.

5.   Biotique Bio Bringhraj Hair Oil

Biotique Bio Bringhraj

Woman pouring oil, Credit: Canva

Another best oil for hair growth is the biotique’s Bio Bhringraj oil. This oil is a potent mixture of herbs like amla, mulethi, brahmi, and bhringraj which are combined with coconut and goat milk to provide you with a hydrating hair oil. This oil will take away the dullness from your hair and will also prevent premature greying of your hair. You will find your hair incredibly soft. Find it for Rs. 119 online.

By now you must have achieved an answer to the question, which oil is best for hair growth? Try one or more of these oils and start seeing visible improvement in the texture of your hair.

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