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Top 5 Books to Read When You Want to Quit Smoking

Smoking cigarettes is the number 1 cause of death in many countries of the world. Once you get addicted to the nicotine rush, it becomes very hard to let go of it. No amount of information about its harmful effects are going to stop you from giving up this habit. Apart from your health, being addicted to your daily dose of nicotine can even impact the quality of your relationships and thus your life.

Is there a way out? How can you stop yourself from falling prey to the range of life-threatening diseases that smoking makes you prone to? While reading may seem like the last thing on your mind during this process, we are here to tell you that it can indeed do wonders for you. Many people have successfully given up this habit by reading the books given below. It is now your turn to clean and heal your body from the harmful chemicals that it has become so used to dealing with.

How to Quit Smoking – 5 Best Books to Read and Learn from

  1. Easy Way to Stop Smoking by Allen Carr

  2. You can Stop Smoking by Jacquelyn Rogers

  3. Quit Smoking Today Without Gaining Weight by Paul McKenna

  4. This Is How I Quit Smoking by Mark Bonati

  5. How I Quit Smoking In 1 Single Day by James Makasi

stop smoking

Picture showing freedom from smoking, Credit: Pixabay

It is perhaps the best quit smoking book that is a must-read for every smoker. In this book, Allen Carr makes the readers aware of the psychological impact rather than the harmful effects of smoking in your body. He urges them to look at smoking from a new perspective, that of simply being a chemical dependence that offers no benefits whatsoever. It will instantly stimulate the reader to stay away from their cigarette in due course of time. All the methods and approaches that Carr outlines in his book are utilized by people in many places today. His approach is evidence-backed and this is what makes his work stand apart.

stop smoking books

Picture showing no smoking, Credit: Pixabay

People looking for a suitable how to quit smoking book will find Jacquelyn Rogers book a refreshing read. The book is guaranteed to help you quit smoking in a record four weeks time. It is not an untrue statement as you can find testimonials of millions of ex-smokers who have successfully implemented the learning gained from this book in their lives. Her methods are still used in many rehabilitation centres and always prove to be successful. Grab a copy of this book if you want to give smoking as soon as possible.

stop smoking

Person refusing to smoke, Credit: Pixabay

This book is your ultimate guide to overcome the challenge of giving up smoking. Paul McKenna lays out an effective way by which you can unlearn the process of smoking cigarettes. You will find yourself becoming less and less dependent on the nicotine rush as you leaf through the pages of his book. Not only this, by doing the visualization exercises offered at every chapter of this book, you will find yourself reaching the goal of completely quitting smoking a lot more earlier than you imagined.

stop smoking

Person holding a no-smoking sign, Credit: Pixabay

Are you one of those smokers who never runs out of excuses to continue with this habit even after knowing about the severe health implications for your body? If so, then Mark Bonati will give a 360 degree shift to your current view. After reading this book you will be forced to analyse the reason that you are not able to quit smoking and finally recognise where your shortcomings lie.

books for stop smoking

Women breaking a cigarette, Credit: Pixabay

This book is written by a real-life chain smoker who discovered a magical secret and stopped smoking for life. If you feel that you are unable to overcome your nicotine addiction and every attempt on your part only meets failure making you feel more powerless in the process, then this book is for you. The book will stimulate your senses and offer you a solution that will start giving you results in no time. Cigarettes will not hold a sway over you anymore.

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