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Unwanted Kit: Everything You Need To Know About Abortion By Pills

For women, becoming pregnant and building a family is one of the most important decisions of their life and requires much thought and consideration. Unwanted pregnancy does not make anyone happy. Besides, continuing pregnancy despite having a condition that puts your health at risk is also not feasible. That is why the use of contraceptives is highly recommended. If, by chance, you get pregnant, then medical abortion is the only way by which you can end your pregnancy. Medical abortion makes the use of two abortion pills which collectively come under the unwanted kit.

Opting for medical abortion is a choice that can result in major physical and mental consequences. Women who are considering it should make themselves properly aware of its process, the side effects they will have to face, and the risks and complications they may develop. The unwanted kit, comprising of mifepristone and misoprostol is what makes medical abortion possible. Women can choose to abort their pregnancy to complete an early miscarriage. They can also opt for it to end an unwanted pregnancy. Alternatively, many women cannot sustain a pregnancy due to an underlying medical condition. They can also have medical abortion to keep their health intact and save themselves from undesirable health complications in future. Let us explore in greater detail about medical abortion through pills.

Unwanted Kit – What Is It?

The unwanted kit is a combination of pills mifepristone and misoprostol that are collectively used to help women abort their pregnancies. If you are opting to use the unwanted kit, then you should not be beyond 9-11 weeks pregnancy. Unwanted kit price is usually around Rs. 175 at most pharmacies. It is also found online in different websites.

Mifepristone, the first abortion pill in this kit blocks your pregnancy hormone that is required for the pregnancy to continue. The next pill, misoprostol, relaxes the cervix and makes the uterus contract so that the pregnancy gradually ends.

How Does Unwanted Kit Work?

unwanted kit

Woman consuming a pill, Credit: Canva

As mentioned above, this kit is a pack of two medicines. Here is how both the pills work to help you end your pregnancy. Mifepristone obstructs the effect of the hormone progesterone in your body. This hormone is crucial for the pregnancy to develop. In its absence, your pregnancy cannot proceed further. This pill prepares your uterus to start contracting. It also makes your cervix soft and dilate. After you administer this pill the results will take upto 24-48 hours to show.

Misoprostol is the next pill that you should take after mifepristone. It will help your cervix to further soften and dilate. Moreover, it will also cause your uterus or the womb to contract further. All these actions end up in helping you end your pregnancy. Misoprostol’s effects can be felt within an hour of its usage. In some women it can take more than one hour.

Unwanted kit – dosage

This kit contains one mifepristone pill that is of 200 mg and four misoprostol pills that are around 200 mcg each. However, you should consult your doctor for the dosage that you should take as it varies according to how far you are in your pregnancy. Here is the recommended dosage of the unwanted kit for women in various stages of pregnancy.

  1. For women who are under six weeks pregnant, the suggested dosage by the doctors is 1 mifepristone pill and 4 misoprostol pills. However, some women may need an extra four misoprostol pills.

  2. For women who are nine weeks pregnant, the unwanted kit dosage is 1 mifepristone pill and 4 misoprostol pills. Again, some women may need an extra dosage of 4 misoprostol pills in addition to the four pills recommended above.

  3. For women who are in 9-11 weeks of the pregnancy the dosage remains the same as prescribed above. However, to successfully terminate a pregnancy you should have eight misoprostol pills.

 How to Use Unwanted Kit?

unwanted kit

Woman holding a pill, Credit: Canva

You can administer unwanted kit tablets in the following way:

Consume one mifepristone pill. It should be followed by four misoprostol pills after a gap of one to three days. Note that mifepristone pill is to be used orally while misoprostol pills are for vaginal use. These tablets show results only when a woman is in the initial phases of her pregnancy. She should be around 63 days pregnant. Do not, at any cost, self-medicate using these tablets. It is advised to use them only after a thorough consultation with your doctor.

After you consume these pills you will experience vaginal bleeding for around a period of roughly two weeks. It is very normal and you should not get too anxious over it.

How Can I Take Unwanted Kit Tablet?

medical abortion dosage

Woman holding a pill, Credit: Canva

If you are using the unwanted kit for the first time you might find yourself getting confused. The reason is that no medicine package contains two different kinds of pills. It is only normal for any woman to wonder, how can I take unwanted kit? It is not difficult. You need to first take one mifepristone pill with water and wait for about 24-48 hours before taking the next pill. Sometimes, it so happens that some women begin to throw up after swallowing mifepristone pills.

In such cases, they need to take another same pill as the previous one that they had taken did not work. Next, you need to put four misoprostol pills below your tongue and then wait for some time for them to start dissolving. It is likely that these pills will dissolve completely after 30 minutes. You can now drink some water to swallow the residual parts of the pill.

What Are the Side Effects of Taking Unwanted kit?

side effects of abortion pills

Woman feeling nauseated, Credit: Canva

There are many side effects that you may have to experience after you consume the tablets present in the unwanted kit. But this does not entail that it is harmful for your health. Medical abortion is one of the safest methods that is used by millions of women to end an early pregnancy. However, your body needs to adjust to the medicines and as part of this process, you are bound to experience certain side effects. Some of the most common side effects that women experience after administering these pills are:

  1. Nausea

  2. Upset stomach

  3. Frequent vomiting

  4. Frequent bowel movements

  5. Stomach cramps

  6. Contractions in the uterus

  7. Heavy bleeding from the vagina

These symptoms gradually disappear and you should not be worried too much about them. To relieve pain in the stomach you can take some prescription medication. But these symptoms should not prevail for long. If they do, consult your doctor immediately without wasting any time.

The unwanted kit tablets are present in different shapes everywhere around the world. You should choose to purchase it only if your pregnancy has not gone beyond 9-11 weeks. However, do not make the mistake of administering them on your own. Reach out to your doctor if you are planning to abort your pregnancy and communicate with them openly about your health. Follow the right sequence when you consume these pills and your abortion will be successful.

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