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Vitamin E Capsule for Hair and Skin? Do They Work?

Vitamins are organic molecules that are essential micronutrientsfor the proper functioning of an organism. These functions include growing tissues, regulating metabolism and maintaining a healthy immune system.

There are 13essential vitamins out of which, vitamins A, C, D, E, K and B are the most important.

So much so that, if our body fails to synthesize these vitamins or they get depleted, our doctor would prescribe us vitamin supplements!

Vitamin E: An Anti-oxidant

It is a group of eight fat-soluble compounds that include four tocopherols and four tocotrienols.

What is an anti-oxidant?

Imagine your body like it’s an enzyme factory, and there’s a whole bunch of different enzymatic reactions happening in your body.

Some of these reactions are not favourable. Ironically, oxygen, one of themost essential compounds, is anexample as its reaction is quite volatile.

This is because they form reactive oxygen species (ROS) with other molecules. ROS typically has one valence electron, making it highly reactive.

This can be extremely dangerous but our body has a biological defense mechanism to deal with it and prevent damage to the cells.

Vitamin E is one of those defense mechanismsamong other substances like glutathione and a whole lot of other compounds that protect the

 Vitamin E , Antioxidant

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Caption : vitamin E an as Antioxidant

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Deficiency and Excess

Vitamin E is mainly stored in the liver before being released into the bloodstream. Although itsdeficiency is not very common, low levels of vitamin E can lead to muscle weakness, vision deterioration and immune system problems in adults.

On the other hand, excess of vitamin E in the body can lead to excessive bleeding, fatigue, nausea etc.


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Vitamin E:A Controversial Study

Although all vitamins are essential and the intake of dietary supplementscontinues to increase as people become more health-conscious, the beneficial nature of vitamin E supplements is a highly debatable topic among scientists and researchers.

One of the main reasons for this conflict is because a lot of research on the effectiveness of vitamin Ethat was based on experimental observations had no adequate amount of science to back it up.

However, through these experimental observations,a lot of success in the effective and beneficial nature of vitamin E was observed.

Benefits of Vitamin E for Face -Here’s WhatWeKnow

  1. Hyperpigmentation – Dark spots can be produced due to an excessive pigment of melanin. This condition is known as melasma and can be treated with vitamin E.

  2. Ageing and wrinkles – The Anti-oxidant nature of vitamin E increases the firmness and structure of the skin by increasing and enhancing blood circulation on the face skin.The use of oxidants to delay wrinkles is known asphotoageing.

  3. Treating acne scars– Its inflammatory nature promotes soothing and healing benefits for acne prone skin. It also checks the level of sebum produced by glands.

  4. Soft lips–Vitamin E is used to heal dry and chapped lips and promotes faster regeneration of cells on the surface.

  5. Moisturizing and protection–It hydrates the skin and acts a natural barrier to the sun.

vitamin E products for skin

Caption :Vitamin E for smooth and healthy skin

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Benefits of vitamin E for hair

  1. Healthy scalpand circulation– The anti-oxidant helpsreduce the amount of free radicals and promotes blood flow,increasing the blood supply in the scalp and giving your hair a strong base to growhealthy hair.

  2. Hair loss–The anti-oxidant property of vitamin E helps reduce oxidative stress that has been linked to hair loss.

  3. Increased shine – Damaged hair loses its shine and starts to look dull andfrizzy. This is due to the loss of anouter fat layer present on the surface of the cuticle.Vitamin E helps restore this layer and protects thehair from breakage.

  4. Balance oil production- Vitamin E is important for creating a protective barrier that helps lockin moisture in your hair and balances out oil production in the scalp.

Caption : heathy hair

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Vitamin E products


They are either synthetic or natural.

Capsules: It is an oral form of supplements where the fat-soluble vitamin is dissolved in vegetable oil and enclosed in a soft gel capsule.

When taken orally, vitamin E is delivered to the skin by sebum, the oily secretion produced by sebaceous glands.

The oil in these capsules can also be manually extracted for topical use.

Although they both work in a similar manner, capsules have an advantage over topical products as oils and creams tend to get exposed to oxygen and get oxidized, therefore reducing its effectiveness.

vitamin E capsules

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Topical vitamin E

Vitamin E is also available in the form of creams and oil for topical use. It is easily absorbed in the skin and is also stored in the sebaceous glands.

It is added to many cosmetic products like sunscreen, anti-ageing cream, face mask, acne cream and makeup.It reduces redness, swelling and skin damage.

: vitamin E topical products

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Should You Take Vitamin E Supplements?

Most people who maintain normal, balanced diets do not need additional vitamin E.

Supplements are used for people who have problems absorbing enough vitamin E from their diets.

In that case, dosage for these supplements must be strictly recommended by doctors.

Excess of vitamin E may increase your risk of side effects or high toxicity levels.

However, if one is looking for vitamin E supplements to improve their hair and skin, there are oral supplementsdesigned with the right amount of dosage for that specific purpose and is proven to be very effective.

Moreover, these supplements are also combined with other substances like vitamin C and minerals that help the body absorb vitamin E.

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