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What Anteverted Uterus Means for Your Pregnancy

The uterus or womb is one of the most important organs associated with the reproductive health of a woman. It regulates a woman’s menstrual cycle and nourishes the baby during pregnancy. Any abnormality in its proper development can severely affect a woman’s ability to give birth. The uterus is fixed to the walls of the pelvis by ligaments that enable it to move backward and forwards. In some women, the uterus may be tilted forwards towards the front of their abdomen. These women have what is called as the anteverted womb or uterus.

Anteverted Uterus – What Is It?

When the uterus leans towards the front part of the abdomen, it is called an anteverted uterus. Likewise , when the uterus is tilted backwards towards the part of the rectum, it is called a retroverted uterus. Thus, the difference between anteverted vs retroverted uterus lies mainly in the angle of their inclination.

Anteverted womb is present in around 75-80 percent of women. On the other hand, a retroverted uterus is present in around a quarter of all women. Usually when a woman is told about the shape of her uterus is anteverted or retroverted, she gets very scared and begins to associate it with pregnancy issues and problems in menstruation. But is there really a need for such a fear?

Anteverted Uterus

Is Anteverted Uterus good or bad?

A pregnant woman

Caption: A pregnant woman, Credits: Pixabay

As mentioned before, the presence of an Anteverted womb is exceedingly common. That does not, however, means that it is hazardous. Contrary to what you might think, most women remain unaware of the fact that they possess an anteverted uterus. It is in no way linked to infertility or a compromised reproductive health.

There doesn’t exist any anteverted uterus pregnancy issues. Peculiarly, the anteverted uterus pregnancy  bump makes its appearance quicker than a woman with a normal shaped uterus. Also, this kind of uterus does not lead to any problem or pain during sexual intercourse.

However, a severely tilted uterus may give rise to back ache, and pain during urination. In such a situation a visit to a gynecologist becomes mandatory.

Causes And Symptoms

There are no exact causes of an anteverted uterus. One is genetically endowed with such a uterus. However, a previous surgery or a condition known as endometriosis can alter the angle of the uterus in some women.

A severely tilted uterus can present itself in the form of the following symptoms

  1. Abdominal cramps during periods

  2. A constipated stomach during or after menstruation

  3. Back pain

  4. Pain during sexual intercourse

How is this condition diagnosed?

Anteverted Uterus Be Diagnosed

Caption: Woman undergoing an ultrasound, Credits: Pixabay

Without an ultrasound or a pelvic examination, it is highly unlikely for you to realize that your uterus is anteverted. Other kinds examinations include:

  1. Speculum examination, to examine vagina and cervix

  2. Vulval examination, to check for any vaginal infections

  3. Bimanual palpation, to examine the ovaries inside the vagina

Is There a Treatment for Anteverted Uterus?

An expecting couple

Caption: An expecting couple, Credits: Pixabay

There is no treatment for this condition because it is not categorized as a reproductive health disorder. If the uterus is severely tilted backward or forward then it is recommended to visit a gynecologist. Otherwise simple pelvic floor exercises on the mat can ease any discomfort that you may feel due to it.

Thus, we see that women having an anteverted uterus have nothing to fear. Be it pregnancy, sex life, or menstrual cycle, having an anteverted uterus wont impact any of these areas. Contrary, women with an anteverted uterus live a healthy life without any trouble whatsoever.

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