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What COVID-19 toxic positivity means and what do you need to do

Toxic positivity is a state of mind that makes you want to stay happy and optimistic all the time. Staying positive is not bad until it is done in excess. This could result in you hiding your real feelings and acknowledging the fact that you are sad and unhappy. But let’s face it there are tough time in everyone’s life and it is absolutely normal to be sad and unhappy. You should face your feelings and not hide them by being positive all the time.

Toxic positivity and the pandemic

covid-19 toxic positivity

girl with happy feeling, Credits: pexels

With the pandemic or better known as COVID-19 hitting the world, various types of mental health problems are on a rise. Companies should encourage their employees and help them through this tough time. Many people are dealing with depression, anxiety, feeling of being lonely, etc. In such a situation people are also trying to fake happiness to stay positive. But you have to face the situation head on and be realistic about it. Talk to people and help them if they are in a mental crisis.

What are the Signs of Toxic Positivity?

toxic positivity signs

women looking into mirror, Credits: pexels

Listed below are some signs that you might show if you are suffering from toxic positivity:

  1. You are not expressing your true feelings

  2. Also, You are not ready to admit of you are not feeling well

  3. You don’t like yourself if you think negative

  4. Not coming in terms or accepting the situation

  5. You hate others who are feeling low and frustrated

What we should do about toxic positivity?

What we should do about toxic positivity

women with emoji, Credits: pexels

  1. Don’t ignore how you are feeling. Respect and acknowledge all your emotions and feelings. It will help you if you share them with others or write down in a journal.

  2. Be a good listener and listen to other’s feeling and emotions. Don’t belittle or criticise others if they are not going through a good phase in life.

  3. its ok if you are not feeling ok. It is absolutely normal.

  4. follow a routine and do some form of exercise you like

  5. stay clear from messages like positive vibes only etc.

  6. beware of the negativity that is filled in social media these days. Keep a check if others are suffering from toxic positivity and do not follow them. Follow people who are realistic and inspiring.

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