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What Really Happens at Rehab?

Drug addiction is a major concern in today’s world. A vast number of agents are available which have the potential to be abused and cause addiction. An addict is a person who becomes so dependent on a drug or drugs that their brain reaches a compulsive state where the drugs become a necessity. Addiction can severely deteriorate the quality of life and be fatal as well.

Drug rehabilitation centers is the process of ensuring that a person is not dependent on the drug. It includes a wide range of techniques including medical, psychotherapeutic and psychological activities. The facilities which specialize in drug rehabilitation are known as rehab centres or drug de-addiction centres.

Rehab centres are residential facilities where people suffering from different drug addictions are treated with the focus on ensuring that they do not use drugs again.

The Functioning of a Rehab Centre

A group therapy session

Rehab centres focus on activities which help people rid themselves of addiction, Credits: Freepik

Most rehab centres follow a similar operating procedure. However, some might work differently. These are the following activities which are observed in rehabilitation centres:


The first act that a patient must go through in a rehab centre is detoxification from the drugs they used. Previously used drugs leave traces in the body which have to be removed.

Moreover, because the patient is an addict the body wants more drugs which leads to withdrawal symptoms.

An illustration of a person undergoing withdrawal symptoms

Vomiting is a common withdrawal symptom, Credits: Wikimedia commons

Withdrawal symptoms: These are mental and physical symptoms which appear when drug intake is stopped. The symptoms depend on which drug was being used. Common symptoms include:

  1. Sweating

  2. Nausea

  3. Vomiting

  4. Anxiety

  5. Fatigue

  6. Hallucinations

  7. Seizures

The detoxification process often leads to withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms have to be managed and in severe cases require medication. The duration of the detox depends on which drug was used. It usually lasts for at least a week.


De-addiction takes a toll on the body as well as the mind. Therapy is very effective in helping you get through it. Most rehabilitation centres offer individual as well as group therapy. In individual therapy, one on one time is provided with a counsellor where you focus on getting better. Counselling sessions are helpful in understanding why addiction is wrong and how to stay away from drugs.

Group counselling sessions allow individuals to see other people that are fighting the same battle. These sessions are very effective because they make people realize that they are not alone. Patients have often said that other people’s stories had a major impact on them and motivated them to do better.

Engaging Activities Throughout the Day

Two people performing yoga

Patients in rehab centres perform activities like yoga, Credits: Pexels

Rehab centres often fill up the patient’s day with activities they feel would keep them occupied and help them Some rehab centres offer very specialised activities such as massages while others focus on group games.

The purpose of these activities is to keep individuals busy and help them focus on something other than drugs.

Some engaging activities that are done in rehab centres are:

  1. Yoga

  2. Meditation

  3. Exercise

  4. Swimming

Specialized therapies

There are drug rehab centres which treat addiction by using holistic approaches. They make use of modern research and come up with effective treatment plans. These are not available in all rehab centres as most follow their unique specialised therapies.

Examples of specialised therapies are:

  1. 12 step programmes

  2. Emotion Regulation

  3. Cognitive Therapy

  4. Psychoanalysis


A therapy session

One on one therapy sessions are an essential Best Rehab Centres in Indiapart of aftercare, Credits: Pexels

Once a patient has completed a drug rehabilitation centers program, they are allowed to return to the real world but the journey doesn’t end here. On returning to the real world, patients again have access to drugs which raises the possibility of repeating drug abuse.

To avoid this rehab centers have after programmes which help people. These programs include support groups as well as counselling sessions. Proper after care is necessary to ensure that a person stays away from drugs.

Which are Some of the Best Rehab Centres in India?

The following are highly rated Drug rehabilitation centers: 

  1. Safe House Wellness Retreat, New Delhi

  2. Sanctum Wellness Healing, New Delhi

  3. Tulasi Healthcare, New Delhi

  4. Phoenix Foundation India Hyderabad

  5. Anatta Humanversity, Mumbai

  6. Cadambam’s Amitha, Bengaluru

  7. Pioneer Rehabilitation Centre, Chennai


Drug rehabilitation centers focus on a holistic approach to ensure that patients recover successfully. Rehab is a difficult process but a necessary one. Addiction requires treatment. If you or anyone around you has a drug habit help them by getting them into a rehab center.

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