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5 TED Talks That Will Improve Your Self Esteem

Having low esteem can affect you a lot. There are various studies which show that low self-esteem has been linked with anxiety, depression, loneliness and stress. It can be a major problem for people.

One thing about self-esteem is that it can be improved if you work on it just a little, and make some changes in your life.

TED talks are freely distributed videos with the goal of spreading knowledge worldwide. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design and their slogan are ideas worth sharing. With this ideology, TED talks have addressed many issues effectively and are a highly recommended source for learning.

To get you started towards building your self-esteem, here are 5 TED talks:

Success, Failure, & the Drive to Keep Creating

This Ted Talk is given by  Elizabeth Gilbert who is the author of the famous book Eat, Pray, Love. In this, she talks about her journey of becoming an author.

She explains how she used to be a failed author for a very long time and what she did to get through that phase.

She also has a very interesting take on the kind of fears you face after succeeding once. She talks about the psychological similarity between success and failures and how to push through them. The link to this TED talk is here

 A vector of moving up the corporate ladder

Caption: The speaker talks about building confidence to advance your career.

In this Ted Talk, Susan Colantuono talks about moving forward in your career and how to build yourself to move up from the middle. The talk is aimed primarily at women and has received tremendous response from them. There are pretty good takeaways for men too. She has an unexpected piece of advice for you. To watch this TED talk click on this link.

The Power of Believing You Can Improve

This TED talk by Carol Dweck focusses on your approach towards tackling problems. She uses very good real-life examples to explain to you a specific approach to tackling problems.

Her examples offer a unique take which can be very beneficial. Being a researcher, she goes on to talk about her research on the concept that the problem-solving capacity of our brain can be increased. It’s called the Growth Mindset. Watch her unique take here.

Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

A man standing.

Credits: Pxhere

Caption: Projecting confidence can increase your self-esteem

Alt Text: A man standing.

This TED talk is given by social psychologist Amy Cuddy. We all know the importance of body language in how others see us but she explains how our body language can also change how we view ourselves.

She talks about the research she has conducted to back her claim. Moreover, she goes on to explain how projecting confidence through body language can increase confidence and self-esteem. Her talk is believed to be very effective in battling low self-esteem. Her TED talk is available at this link.

How I Beat Stage Fright

: A woman performing on stage.

Credits: Flickr

Caption: Stage fright can be due to low self-esteem

Alt Text: A woman performing on stage.

Joe Kowan who himself struggled with stage fright talks about his battle to emerge victorious, and appear on the stage. This talk is aimed at people with low self-esteem who have trouble expressing their views in front of people and perform on stage.

His personal experience of getting over stage fright acts as a learning moment for all others who are struggling with it. Find his TED talk here.


TED talks are a wonderful platform to learn new things that will be helpful to you. They cover a whole range of topics.

Building your self-esteem is very important as it can help you achieve your goals and dreams while significantly reducing discomfort in your life. Make it a priority to build your self-esteem.

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