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5 Tips to prevent Farmer’s lung

Farmer’s lung is a common allergic disease that may result from inhaling, dust, mold, hay, corn, grain, and animal dander. There is no cure to this disease which may lead to respiratory hazards in the person suffering from the disease.

Here are some tips that can prevent you from developing farmer’s lung disease:

⦁ Limit your exposure

Limiting your exposure to dusty or moldy environments can prevent you from farmer’s lung disease. The length of time you will stay in an environment contaminated with molds or tiny dust particles may increase the severity of the risk of developing the disease.

⦁ Wear protective gear


PPE kit, Image credits: pixabay

If you need to work in an environment that is prone to dust, molds, or fungal spores, try wearing a piece of protective equipment or gear. Wearing a protective mask can prevent the molds or spores from entering into your lungs. Ask your employer to provide proper protective equipment.

⦁ Implement preventive techniques

preventive technique

Preventive technique to avoid molds, Image credits: pixabay

Preventive techniques may help keep the mold away from proliferating in an agricultural environment. This may include drying the harvested crops completely prior to storage, wetting the grains before moving to prevent the excess release of dust, and using mold inhibitors to prevent crops from getting mold.

⦁ Avoid unsafe work environments

Many people often return to their work after being diagnosed with an acute or sub-acute farmer’s lung episode. But a person with chronic farmer’s lung is recommended to avoid or leave such work environments unless they are provided with proper safety equipment and risk reduction techniques. Chronic farmer’s lungs can pose serious problems which can lead to permanent breathing problems, disability, and even death.

⦁ Get immediate help in case of emergency

medical emergency

consult your doctor immediately, Image credits: pixabay

In case of an emergency where you find difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, fever, and chills, and lung congestion try seeking immediate medical health without waiting for a doctor’s appointment to diagnose the farmer’s lung.

Acute bronchitis ICD-10

The World Health Organization has classified ICD-10 code J20 for Acute bronchitis. It is a medical classification as listed by WHO under the range – Diseases of the respiratory system.

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