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6 Reasons Why Your Child Is Suddenly Waking Every Hour

Frequent waking is a common thing for babies until six months of age. If your baby wakes up every hour and cries out uncontrollably, there are certain things to monitor and help him overcome the situation.

Why Frequent Wake Ups?

Babies have a tiny stomach and need to get up during the night for their feeds. Also, they are unaware of day and night differences and don’t have established circadian rhythms. Apart from these reasons, sometimes babies may wake up every hour. Here are six reasons behind it. Learning the reason may help you frame a solution appropriately.

6 Reasons Why Your Child Is Suddenly Waking Every Hour

  1. Hunger

  2. Stomach Pain

  3. Developmental milestones

  4. Noisy environment

  5. Infections

  6. Sleeping pattern



A baby eating, Credits: pexels

If your baby is unable to get the required amount of feed for his age, he may wake up every hour to get the nutrients he requires.

Hunger is a major cause of nighttime waking. Be sure that your baby can eat well during the night and also try increasing the amount of food and look for changes in the sleeping pattern.


If you are breastfeeding, make sure your baby can latch well and feed properly. If you feel your milk supply is insufficient, you can change your diet or get the help of a lactation consultant to boost your breast milk production.

If your baby is formula-fed, check if it is enough for his age. Read the nutrition labels on the formula pack carefully and check any ingredients that could cause allergy.

If you have started your babies on solids, you can give mashed vegetables and fruits.

If you still feel that your baby may be deficient in nutrients, you can consult a pediatrician to check if your child requires any supplements.

Stomach Pain

As the baby’s digestive system is in the process of construction, he may wake up due to stomach discomfort or pain. Trapped air in the stomach can cause abdominal pain. Also, watch out for reflux symptoms.


Gentle burping can help relieve the trapped gas. If necessary, you can try for home remedies like gripe water to solve the issue.

Developmental Milestones

Developmental milestone

A baby trying to stand, Credits: pexels

Teething can be a reason for frequent wake-up. The teething period usually starts around six months of age and can cause infrequent sleeping schedule in babies.  Also any sort of developmental milestones like rolling, crawling, standing, and walking, cause frequent wake-ups in the night.


Try helping your baby practice the milestones during the day.

Noisy Environment

Ambient place

A baby in a crib, Credits: pexels

A change in the location or a noisy environment can also affect your baby’s sleep.


Try not to change or shift your baby’s room for the initial few months. Also, be sure the sleeping environment during the night is less noisy, and make the place pleasant and comfortable for a sound sleep.


Babies, infections

A mother and baby, Credits: pexels

As your baby’s immune system is in the development mode, any sort of common cold, fever, flu can disrupt his sleep cycle. As babies grow, they start exploring things. Placing objects in the mouth can increase the chances of upper respiratory tract infections and may cause congestion and coughing.

Diarrhea and fever can also cause sleep disturbances.


Try to keep the environment clean and follow good hygiene. If the infection does not subside, opt for a doctor’s consultation.

Sleeping Pattern

If your baby is used to have long daytime naps, he may find difficulty sleeping during the night. This can cause frequent wake up during the night.


Try establishing a bedtime routine. Help your baby learn the day and night differences by exposing him to natural light and introducing lots of playtime during the day. Try soothing techniques and bedtime songs for better nighttime sleep.

The other reasons for wake up can be dirty diapers and overtiredness.

Take-Home Message

Fixing the issues helps solve your baby’s nighttime wakings.

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