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7 Ways to Battle Everyday Negativity

Negativity creeps into our lives in some form or another and with everything that’s going on in the world at the moment it is at an all-time high. Some recent studies have portrayed negativity quotes in the same bracket as addiction.

Allowing negativity in your life is like watering dead plants. It will take up your time and energy but with no result. This is what negativity quotes does to you. It increases stress, ruins your mood, decreases your cognitive functioning, hampers your productivity.

So, here are 7 ways to battle everyday negativity:


A cluttered room

Clutter decreases productivity, Credits: Freepik

Unnecessary items that take up space in your surroundings are known as clutter. These could be clothes lying around, garbage, or just an abundance of stuff that you do not need. Clutter can diminish your cognitive functioning by occupying your mind.

Decluttering is the process of removing unwanted items that take up space. It allows you to optimize your life which helps remove negativity.

To declutter your life you need to start small. Begin with one part of your room or just a table and proceed. Decluttering will remove the negativity from your life.

Channelize Your Thoughts

One very important aspect of dealing with negativity is to manage your thoughts. Negativity is often caused by not having clear thoughts and overthinking.

This can be done by keeping yourself occupied. The old saying, ‘an empty mind is a devil’s workshop’ applies here. Small tasks should replace your free time.

Identify the Sources of Negativity in Your Life

Identifying the cause can help battle negativity.  An average person has 3-4 sources of negativity. Analyze which parts of your life are the sources of negativity. These can be done by using the process of elimination. Remove one activity every day as an experiment and find out what is causing you negativity.

You can also counter some of these sources by making your environment comfortable. Connect with nature, and use mood lighting in your house and surround yourself with friends whenever you can.

Find An Activity You Love

A person playing a violin

Playing an instrument, Credits: pixabay

One of the best methods to deal with stress is to constantly do an activity that you love. It can be playing an instrument, playing a game, watching a show, or painting, or anything else.

Stress testing has shown that people who regularly partake in a hobby of their choice have lower stress levels.

Stop Making a Big Deal Out of Small Problems

One major source of negativity is the exaggeration of our problems. If an incident occurs which is bothering then you need to understand how important it is. Most of us are bothered by things that will not harm us in the long run. This gives rise to excessive worrying which leads to negativity.

Before making a big deal out of it, ask yourself how much it will affect you in the future.


People playing badminton

A sport can motivate you to get exercise, Credits: Flickr

Physical activity is a must for staying healthy and it helps in getting rid of negativity as well. Studies show that regular exercise makes a person feel more positive and full of energy.

Exercise raises your metabolic rate and increases adrenaline production which helps in stress-busting.

A 30-minute workout every day is a must. If you find that you are not motivated enough for working out then try a sport. It will be easier to make it a habit if you enjoy it.

Yoga and Meditation

Three people doing yoga

Yoga can help decrease negativity, Credits: Pxhere

Alternative therapies such as yoga and meditation have helped millions of people. These therapies help a person overcome their negativity by allowing them to channelize their thoughts and free their mind.

They also have a positive effect on the body which leads to mood lighting and upliftment of a person.

You should give one or both of these a try as they can help you release stress and let go of the negativity.


Negativity quotes has to be removed from your life. It has a massive impact and affects all aspects of your life. Try these above-mentioned activities to move towards positivity.

In case you do still feel your life contains a significant amount of negativity then seek help from a therapist.

Your mood can shape your life. If you are in a good mood, everything seems good but if you are in a bad mood, the good also becomes bad. Negativity has to be managed because it controls your mood.

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