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9 Diseases That Can Cause Burning Sensation In Feet

Out of the many unpleasant feelings that humans can get as a result of suffering from various kinds of diseases, a burning sensation in feet tops the chart. Such a sensation when experienced constantly all round the day can make it difficult to accomplish day-to-day tasks. But what is more concerning is the fact that such a burning sensation in feet is commonly ignored or overlooked by people. To overlook this feeling is a grave mistake on their part. It is because such a sensation, if experienced over a long time period can be an indicator of several diseases.

There could be several causes behind it. From nerve damage to a blood circulation problem or an internal injury in the feet, there can be many answers to the question, Why do my legs feel like they are burning?

What Causes Burning Sensation in Feet?

Some of the most common conditions that this sensation can point toward are:

  1. grierson-gopalan syndrome

  2. Hypothyroidism

  3. Neuropathy

  4. Malnutrition

  5. Charcot-marie-tooth-disease

  6. Erythromelalgia

  7. CRPS or complex regional pain syndrome

  8. Athlete’s foot

  9. Kidney disorder

1.   Grierson-Gopalan Syndrome

burning sensation in feet

A man’s feet, Credit: Canva

It is also called burning feet syndrome. In this syndrome, a person might experience a series of symptoms which result in feet becoming very hot. The sensation is very painful and might cause significant discomfort to the one who is experiencing it. The burning sensation in feet may become very intense during the night time. During the day time, however, the patient may not experience the sensation with as much intensity. Soles, top of the feet, lower legs, and ankles may all be subjected to this burning sensation.

Many people ask, what is Hot Feet Syndrome? It is this grierson-gopalan syndrome that is called hot feet syndrome. The burning feet syndrome can be caused due to nutritional deficiencies of certain B vitamins, or metabolic disorders like diabetes and kidney failures. It can also be hereditary. Since there are so many reasons for this syndrome, no exact cause is yet pinpointed.

2.   Hypothyroidism

burning feet syndrome

an injection, Credit: Canva

When the thyroid gland becomes underactive then the condition of hypothyroidism occurs. This condition results in various hormonal fluctuations in the body of the affected person. Among the many changes and symptoms, swelling or inflammation in the lower body part like ankles and feet is prominent. This swelling results in nerve pressure, which ultimately leads to a burning sensation in feet along with symptoms like hair loss, fatigue, and weight gain.

3.   Neuropathy

hot feet syndrome

Doctor examining patient’s feet, Credit: Canva

When your blood sugar levels are not under control, they gradually disrupt the blood vessels as well as nerves in your body. This nerve damage occurs in various parts of your body. If the person is overweight, smokes cigarettes, or consumes alcohol, then the risk for neuropathy raises to a significant extent. When the nerves in your legs get damaged, it is called peripheral neuropathy. You will feel sharp pain in your legs along with a tingling sensation in your hands. Regulating the blood sugar levels is the only option to halt the progress of nerve damage.

4.   Malnutrition


A child, Credit: Canva

Certain vitamin deficiencies, specifically of vitamin B6, B9, and B12 can cause burning sensation in feet. If your diet lacks these crucial nutrients, then you are prone to developing malnutrition in which burning sensation can be experienced. What medicine is good for burning feet? The only medicine in such a case is to ensure that your diet is well balanced and you are consuming these vitamins in adequate amounts.

5.   Charcot-Marie-Tooth-Disease

painful feet

A woman’s feet, Credit: Canva

It is a hereditary disease that can make you feel an intense burning and painful sensation in your hands as well as feet. This condition impacts the nerves that control the muscles. The condition exacerbates with the progress of time as it causes muscle atrophy.

6.   Erythromelalgia

burning sensation in feet

A woman feeling pain in her feet, Credit: Canva

The cause of this condition is not yet known. But hot and burning sensation in feet is its common symptom. The pain can be very severe and differs in every person who is suffering from this condition. This burning sensation can become prominent after the person engages in physical activities like walking, standing, exercising, and exposing oneself to the climatic heat.

7.   CRPS or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

pain in the legs

A man’s feet, Credit: Canva

This pain syndrome is a result of any injury that you may have acquired in the near past. One of its major symptoms is burning feet. It causes you to suffer from pain in your feet because the signals that your brain transmits get affected by the damaged nerves. Your feet can also swell and you may notice the skin of your feet changing in colour.

8.   Athlete’s Foot

burning sensation in feet

Athlete’s foot, Credit: Canva

You may experience a mild burning sensation in feet if you are suffering from the athlete’s foot infection. Symptoms like cracking or dry skin of the feet, blisters, or overgrown toenails are all indicators of this infection. As it is highly contagious, you should go to a doctor and get it treated.

9.   Kidney Disorder

kidney diseases

picture of kidneys, Credit: Canva

Kidney disease is one of the serious conditions that can make your feet swell and cause a burning sensation in them. It mainly happens when harmful substances and toxins accumulate in your system. Apart from a burning sensation, you may also experience nausea, difficulty in breathing, confusion, and fatigue.

Burning Sensation in Feet Home Remedies

burning sensation in feet remedies

feet in water, Credit: Canva

If you are feeling a burning sensation in your feet and want to get relief from it, then try the following remedies.

  1. For around 15 minutes, soak both your feet in some cool water.

  2. Keep your legs in an upright position for ten to fifteen minutes.

  3. You can apply topical creams and capsaicin containing ointments for temporary relief.

  4. Anti-fungal sprays and creams can also be applied to treat infections like athlete’s foot.

  5. Diabetics who suffer from neuropathy can take the help of insulin to bring their blood sugar levels under control.

  6. For people who are suffering from nutritional deficiencies, supplementing their diet with the deficient vitamins and minerals is crucial.

  7. Can stress cause burning feet? Undoubtedly, yes. Not only burning, it can also cause tingling as well as a numb sensation in your legs. So, try to eliminate stress from your life.

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