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9 Hot Water Springs in India

When geothermally heated up water emerges on the surface of the earth via cracks it leads to the formation of hot water springs or thermal springs. They are found in man places in India like himachal, jammu and Kashmir, Gujrat etc.

Natural geysers or hot water springs are rich with many minerals specially sulfur.

Volcanoes have been a part of the earths surface since ages. Sulfur is present in abundance in hot water springs. Many other minerals like calcium, zinc, copper, argon etc.

Panamik in Nubra Valley

hot water spring India

hot water spring in india, Credits: pexels

Nubra valley is a tourist friendly destination with a hot spring that has the power to cure medicinal diseases. It is located in the northern part of india and is well visited by mountain trekkers.

Chumthang in Leh District

hot springs

india hot water spring, Credits: pexels

This thermal hot water spring is a unique wonder in itself and is worth travelling to. It will give you a unique hot water bath experience that will also heal you naturally. You may be able to visit it on your next trip to Leh.

Manikaran Sahib in Parvati Valley

indian hot springs

The Manikaran Sahib in Parvati Valley, Credits: pexels

Manikaran sahib is a famous pilgrimage spot amongst Sikhs. It is one of the very well known hot water springs in India. Every year many sikhs and hindus devotes visit this place to offer their prayers.

Vashisht, the utopian village of Himachal Pradesh

natural geysers in india

Himachal Pradesh hot water spring, Credits: pexels

This village is known to have a natural geyser ad has a great mythological significance. Many tourists often miss this spot. It has many healing properties and the water can treat many diseases.

Tattapani on the bank of river Satluj

natural jacuzzi

Tattapani hot water spring, Credits: pexels

Due to the rich sulfur content, the hot water spring can cure many skin diseases like dry scalp, itching, irritation etc. Hot water has the power to reduce stress levels and fatigue. It can also help in detoxification.

Gaurikund and Suryakund in Uttarakhand

Hot springs in India

Uttarakhand hot water spring, Credits: pexels

Gaurikund has a great religious significance and is a popular hot water spring. You can spot this on your way to kedarnath dham yatra. It was hugely impacted due to the recent earthquake. Uttrakhand is a region that houses many natural geysers.

Tapovan near Joshimath, Uttarakhand

natural geysers

Uttarakhand hot water spring, Credits: pexels

This hot spring is very less known amongst travellers. It is a holy place and is considered to be sacred. It is located in a village ahead of joshimath. Travellers consider it scared due to its close proximity to gangotri and yamnotri dham.

Yumthang in North Sikkim

natural jacuzzi

North Sikkim water spring, Credits: pexels

This natural Jacuzzi is located in the state of Sikkim. This is also preserved and a hidden gem. It is located on the other isde of the bridge on lachung river.

Reshi hot spring on the banks of Rangeet River

 indian hot springs

Reshi hot spring, Credits: pexels

Although not very popular, this scared hot water spring is a hit amongst the locals. The area around this spring also has a lord shiva temple. This terrain is famous for mountain trekking.

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