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9 Unexpected Causes Of Back Pain

Back pain is a very common problem suffered by millions all around the world. One of the main reasons why this problem is so common is because there are so many causes that could lead to unexpected back pain.

Here’s a list of some unexpected causes of back pain:

●    Spine related problems

  1. Spinal infection

  2. Spinal Tumor

●    Lifestyle trigger

  1. Bad posture

  2. Overweight

  3. Smoking

●    Psychological problems

  1. Depression, stress, and anxiety

●    Other problems

  1. Gas

  2. After C section

  3. Diseases like kidney stones, endometriosis, fibromyalgia, and osteomyelitis

Spine Pain

Spinal problems, Credit: Pikist

1)  Spinal infection

Spinal infection is usually caused by a bacteria or fungi and they can cause damage to the following structures:

  1. Intervertebral discs

  2. Spinal bone

  3. Spinal cord

  4. The area around the spinal nerve root

2)  Spinal Tumor

They are caused due to abnormal cell growth and division. Such tumors could either be benign (not cancer) or malignant (cancer).

Some spinal tumors are primary, meaning the abnormal cell growth originates from the spine itself for example the nerve root, spinal cord, etc.

A secondary tumor or metastasis tumor are those that have spread to the spine from other parts of the body like the lungs, kidneys, breasts, etc.

3)  Bad posture

When one uses incorrect posture, they can wrongly apply pressure and stress to important muscles, nerves, and important spinal joints and discs. Thus, this could cause some serious damage to your body.

Continuous hunching while standing or sitting can damage your back, core, and abdominal muscles which leads to stiffness and loss of blood supply to those areas.

In addition to that, a bad sitting position could seriously damage the lower spinal discs and cause a herniation. In fact, there is a chair for unexpected back pain that will help improve your posture and add additional support and comfort to reduce the pain while sitting.


Credit: Max pixel

4)  Overweight

People who are overweight are more prone to back and spine problems as there is a direct link between obesity and spine related problems.

This is because the excess weight of a person has to be carried or supported by the spine and lower back and this puts on additional pressure and strain on the spine.

5)  Smoking

Cigarettes contain nicotine which can be damaging in the following ways: 

  1. It restricts or reduces blood flow to the spinal disks that serve as a cushion to the vertebrae. This loss of cushioning or protective support can cause back pain.

  2. Reduced blood flow due to nicotine can also increase damage to the ligaments and muscles within the spine region.

  3. Lastly, nicotine consumption could also lead to the breakdown or degeneration of the disk by restricting nutrient exchange and blood flow.

6)  Depression, stress, and anxiety

Although there is no scientific reason strong enough to back the problem, unexpected back pain and depression have a direct link, meaning one could lead to the other.

Depression is capable of causing unexplainable physical pain to your back, especially in the lower back.

Moreover, psychological problems like anxiety and depression could also slow down a person’s recovery from a spine injury or after a spinal surgery.

Bloating due to gas

Credit: Need pix

7)  Back pain due to gas

Bloating is a condition where your abdomen and stomach get filled with gas and as a result, a person will be bloated, uncomfortable, or tight.

The back is very prone and vulnerable to injury and thus, it is very common to feel bad during gas or abdominal bloating. Depending on the extent of bloating the pain could range anywhere from mild to severe.

8)  Back pain after C section

Severe back pain can be experienced after a C section depending on the number of activities a mother performs during her recovery time.

Mothers are advised not to do any heavy lifting or carrying during their initial recovery.

The pain experienced could also be due to the after-effects of anesthesia or an epidural which causes muscle spasms near the spinal cord which may continue for weeks.

after C section

Credit: Pexels

9)  Other diseases

Other problems that could cause back pain as a sign or symptoms include:

  1. Kidney stones

  2. Endometriosis

  3. Fibromyalgia

  4. Osteomyelitis

Hope this helps!

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