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Is Belt Good For Back Pain | Best Back Pain Belts With Reviews

A back pain belt has been used for quite some time by weightlifters. They strap it on before lifting heavy weights to reduce the pressure on their joints and thereby, minimize the risk of any injury. More recently, it is being used by those people whose work requires them to handle heavy items. Many researches have been undertaken to determine the effectiveness of such a belt for back pain. Studies conducted on a group of warehouse workers of a grocery found considerable decrease in back injuries.

A back support belt or brace combats a wide variety of conditions related to back pain. They come in many types. The type of back pain belt you choose depends on how severe the pain that you are experiencing is. For example, rigid braces or belts are best used for combatting a pain that ranges from moderate to severe. Semi-rigid belts are employed by those people who are experiencing a pain that is anywhere between mild to moderate. Is belt good for back pain? Let us explore.

Is Back Pain Belt Really Effective?

back pain belt benefits

back anatomy, Credit: Canva

A study conducted on the workers who engaged in manual work in a retail hardware chain in Western Australia found that back belts led to effective control in lower back pain when worn consistently. A belt for back pain, we can say, thus comes handy in combating problems related to lower back pain that are extremely common. Following are the benefits that you may experience when using the back pain belt.

  1. It improves the posture by forcing your spine to remain in an upright position. Thus it is advised to wear it when you start noticing posture issues.

  2. It minimizes back pain by preventing you to perform those movements that exacerbates your pain. When you avoid those movements, your spine is aligned and your back muscles are strengthened. It paves the way for your back pain to reduce and finally heal.

  3. They are extremely easy for anyone to administer by themselves. All you need is to find out your correct size. Choose a belt that completely covers the lower part of your back and tailbone. This is the perfect size of the belt which you should buy.

  4. A back support belt helps you to manage the severity of a range of back conditions like osteoporosis, spinal fractures, spinal times, sprains in the back muscles, whiplash, among others.

When Should You Use a Back Belt?

lower back pain belt

Man feeling pain in the back, Credit: Canva

You should consider investing in a back brace if you are suffering from the conditions given below:

  1. Muscle strain and tension, when a belt will help in reducing the tension by minimizing any undue spine pressure. Thus, it decreases the strength that your muscles require to effectively support your spinal cord

  2. Osteoarthritis, when a back pain belt will minimize the pressure on the facet joints which are affected. Thus, it makes daily movements from sitting to standing and vice versa a lot easier for you.

  3. Fractures in the vertebral compression, which decreases the micro-motions at the affected area. It also minimizes the pressure that the spinal cord has to bear.

  4. Spondylolysis, when the belt reduces all the micro-motions that are painful at the fractured level. It thus, minimizes the pain and makes way for quick recovery of the fracture.

Which Is the Best Belt for Back Pain?

lower back pain

Man feeling pain in the back, Credit: Canva

  1. Peecure Back Support Belt, is an all-in-one brace and belt that can be effortlessly used by males and females to support their shoulders and spine. With the help of magnets this belt helps you to prevent any kind of bone and muscle pain issues.

  2. Tynor Back Support Brace, this belt can be worn by those who are suffering from spinal injuries, spondylitis, low back pain, and fatigue. Its double pull mechanism will help you to secure it rightly and due to its heat resistance capacity, it will last you for a very long time.

  3. Vissco Back Support Belt is made from a ventilated and elastic fabric. It is great at providing you with a solid support. Its malleable molded fiber ensures that you receive the highest level of support.

  4. JSB Back Support Belt can be worn for hours and its breathable design ensures that you never feel uncomfortable. It has double elastic waistbands and the belt can also be washed and used again.

  5. Caresmith Back Support Belt helps you to correct your posture. You can wear it for a period of forty and then subsequently increase the duration. It provides targeted support and hence you can use it while performing daily activities that require you to lift some load.

Can we wear back pain belt while sleeping?

First of all, you should always seek your doctor’s advice before you decide to wear a back support belt. These belts can be worn throughout the day, even while sleeping. If, however, you feel uncomfortable while laying down, you can remove it and strap it back when you wake up the next morning.

Thus, if you are suffering from any kind of spinal injuries and low back issues, back pain belts can help you a lot in managing your pain. You can also wear them as a precaution if you regularly handle heavy objects.

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