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Bad Habits That Can Actually be Good for You

Many of us waste far too much time berating ourselves for what we perceive to be wrong choices or bad habits. Whether it’s going out for ice cream while we’re trying to stick to a diet, sleeping in late, or failing to turn up for the class we told ourselves we’d attend.

Researchers are continuously learning and coming up with new studies to unearth data about the benefits of certain behaviors.

Let’s discuss a few of these habits.

1.  Fidgeting

Often children are chastised for being unable to sit still, and you can still believe as an adult that fidgeting is a bad habit, but it turns out that fidgeting may be beneficial in a few situations.

Fidgeting is a perfect way to get some exercise done!

According to studies, it will burn an additional 100 calories a day, making it possible to lose the remaining few pounds. If you can’t keep still and are always fidgeting, you might have a different problem.

However, bouncing arms and legs when watching TV or sitting at your desk may be beneficial.

2.  Procrastination

In an environment where we are constantly rushing, multitasking, and distracted, we never realize how tired and stressed we get.

Often the only thing you can do for yourself is to put it off and note that it does not have to be urgent all of the time. This will also help you evaluate your work and prioritize tasks.

A break always helps!


                          Caption: Pressure to complete loads of work can cause stress

Credits: Flickr

3.  Losing your temper

Everyone understands that losing your temper is not a smart thing to do, and that you can still have a cool head no matter what position you find yourself in.


                                         Caption: Woman spewing anger

Credits: Pxfuel

 It’s not cool to go too far and regularly hurl aggression and indignation at others over the tiniest of problems – no one wants to share time around someone who acts in this manner.

Putting stuff in a bottle, on the other hand, isn’t the right option. Losing your patience on a regular basis, even though it’s just to complain when you get home from a bad day at work or to speak to someone about how you were just handled, will really help to relieve tension and make a person’s mind feel lighter. It’s also good to blow off steam.

4.  Sleeping In Late


                                         Caption: Sleeping for a few extra hours is beneficial

Credits: Pexels

In fact, most people don’t get enough sleep during the week due to hectic schedules and irregular working hours, and they try to make up for it on weekends.

Insufficient sleep, on the other hand, has been linked to a slew of health issues, ranging from an increased risk of stroke to excessive weight gain.

So don’t resent your body for what it needs.

Don’t sleep all the time, but don’t feel bad when you hit off the alarm extra times.

5.  Skipping A Shower

Missing out on daily showers may not get you any friends, but if you ever are tempted to skip a shower, studies suggest that you could be doing good to your health as well as the environment.


                                          Caption: Skipping a shower can help your skin

                                          Credits: Pixabay

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Daily bathing strips your skin of the natural oils that keep it hydrated and soft. It also removes good bacteria from the skin that help to prevent disease.

6. Junk Food

Junk food

Credits: Flickr

      Alt tags: Junk food

Allowing yourself to indulge in fast food cravings on a regular basis is a sure way to undermine your healthier eating habits. This will not only make you happier, but it will also keep you inspired to stay on track and gain momentum.

Allowing yourself to gorge on a bit of what you fancy will also help to alleviate cravings, since many people crave the things they most want to avoid.

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