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Best Glucometer In India For Diabetics, How To Use

A widespread metabolic disorder, diabetes seems to make more and more people its victim with every passing year. Since it is becoming so common, it is wise to remain cautious of its early symptoms so that you can take steps to prevent it at the earliest. If you or any of your loved ones unexpectedly start experiencing symptoms like frequent urination, extreme thirst, and vision problems, it is best to get yourself checked for this condition.

Diabetics need to monitor and be mindful of their blood glucose levels at all times. Earlier it required blood sugar checks at numerous points in a day which often turned out to be quite cumbersome. However, with technological advancements, you can now purchase the best glucometer in India for doing the same.

What is glucometer for? It is a tool that is designed for anyone suffering from type 1 or type 2 diabetes. People can conduct regular testing whenever they want in the comfort of their home using it. Thus, they can better manage their sugar levels throughout the day. You might wonder, can you purchase this valuable tool over the counter or do you need a prescription for a glucometer? Glucometers can be brought with or without any prescription. Today, they are available with smart functionalities such as voice command, connectivity with your smartphone, and large memory size. In the presence of a large number of such devices, you might wonder which is the best glucometer in India?

Don’t worry. Here is your ultimate list of the best ones available.

What to Look for in a Glucometer?

Those just starting out with using this device may find themselves quite confused. Various companies have put forward their glucometers online and every brand claims to provide the best glucometer in India. It is not easy for a layman to distinguish between so many devices. In such a scenario, you need to make sure that your glucometer has some requisite features. The best glucometer in India should have the following features:

  1. A great display and display time

  2. The blood amount that is needed

  3. Accuracy in its results

  4. Functionality to set alarms

  5. Functionality to store the test results

  6. User-friendliness

  7. The type of blood that will be used

While talking about blood sugar levels you should also know what is the normal range for glucometer? If you have been fasting or have not eaten anything for a very long time your blood sugar range should come anywhere between 70 to 100 mg/dl. At all other times, your blood sugar range should not cross the 140 mg/dl mark.

Top Quality Glucometers Available in India

1.   Dr Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer Combo (4Star Rating)

Dr Morepen BG-03 Gluco One review

With a large-sized display screen, Dr Morepen glucometer clearly displays your blood sugar test results in as little as 5 seconds. Customers have appreciated the accuracy levels of this device. Also, you don’t need to shed much blood unlike many other devices while using it. It can help you keep track of your sugar levels and manage your diabetes well


  1. Inexpensive device

  2. 50 strips are available

  3. Great accuracy


  1. Very delicate product, susceptible to damage

2.   Accu-Chek Instant S Meter with Free 10 Strips and Accu-Chek Instant Strips (4.1 Star Rating)

best glucometer india

Another best glucometer in India, Accu check glucometer consists of a target range indicator which provides visual reassurance and lets you personalise it to your goals. The Accu-Chek Instant meter displays highly accurate results. It is very easy to set up. Customers are overjoyed by the fact that the results displayed by it match their lab results.


  1. Single-button navigation

  2. Has the largest dosing window

  3. Test data can be uploaded to the Accu-check Online portal through USB.


  1. Some may find it expensive

3.   Contour Plus One Blood Glucose Monitoring System Glucometer (4.3 Star Rating)

Contour Plus One Blood Glucose Monitoring System review

This is also a highly accurate tool which makes its presence felt in the list of the best glucometer in India. It shows remarkably accurate results in the second attempt too. The Contour diabetes app is also much loved by customers as it helps them to keep track of their regular appointments with the doctor. Patients displaying the abnormally high or low amount of blood sugar levels are alerted through its smart light feature.


  1. The test strips have a long expiry date

  2. Highly accurate results

  3. Great display quality


  1. Some may find a slight variance with their lab results

4.   OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer (4.1 Star Rating)

best glucometer for home use

Your search for the best glucometer in India can also stop at this glucometer option. Made using ColourSure technology, it has been providing accurate results to its users since it was released in the market. It is one of the most recommended products by diabetologists in India.


  1. Easy to use without any complicated setup

  2. The device adjusts automatically for RBC variations

  3. Pain-free testing


  1. Some have found its test results not as accurate

5.   Dr TrustFully Automatic Blood Sugar Testing Glucometer Machine (4 Star Rating)

best glucometer available in india

This highly accurate glucose monitoring device has been voted by many as the best glucometer in India. A great functionality of this device is its ability to prevent the interference of maltose and galactose in the samples of blood. You will receive a warning if your ketone count is rising. Apart from that, you can also set an alarm for using it at regular intervals.


  1. Comes with a one year warranty

  2. The GDH-FAD strip enables you to take tests from sites other than the fingertip.

  3. Glucometer price will appeal to everyone


  1. Some have found the reading a bit faulty

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