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Best Sleep Mask – And 7 Signs You Need One

Excess of light hampers a good night’s sleep for many. All of us know how important it is to get a good quality of sleep everyday in order to stay healthy and fit. So to block that excess light in your room you can choose a sleep mask. Sleep masks come in a lot of variety and shapes and are easy to carry.

Signs that you need a sleep mask

You are unable to get a good quality of sleep

sleeping mask

Women with sleeplessness, Credits: pexels

If excessive light troubles your sleep quality, then try wearing a sleep mask for improving your slumber quality.

You get sleep with a lot of difficulty

eye pad for sleeping

women with sleep difficulty, Credits: pexels

Insomnia haunts you

Do sleep masks really work

If you hit the sack early but are unable to sleep then you must find out the reason behind it. sleep mask can block out all the excess light and put you into your deepest sleep.

You want to plan a trip

sleeping mask

Put on  a sleep mask in your long flight and sleep your way to your travel destination.

Dry eyes problem

eye cover while sleeping

dry eye, Credits: pexels

You suffer from Migraines

Do sleep masks really work

migraine, Credits: pexels

Sleep mask will cut of the excess light and help you alleviate symptoms of migraine.

Are facing mental health issues

What is the best eye mask for sleeping

depressed men, Credits: pexels

Sleep can often affect the mental health of an individual. In order to keep your cognitive ability stable and sharp you must get undisturbed sleep everyday.

What things you should look for in a sleeping mask?

best sleep mask

women with eye mask, Credits: pexels

Always choose the things that suit you the most.

Look for the perfect material, quality, size and shape.


Many different shapes and sizes are available in a sleep mask.

You can opt for something flat, like Fishers Finery Silk Travel Sleep Mask.


Make sure the sleep mask suits your face shape and size. If it is not comfortable then the purpose of wearing it is defeated.


Sleep mask must be of good material as it has to touch your face for long. Find a smooth, silky material that does not irritate you.


An eye mask is meant to be light weight. If it is heavy it might apply lot of pressure on your eyes and trouble you.

Light blocking

Make sure your eye mask is opaque and blocks out the light properly so that your sleep is not hindered.


Some face masks come wherein the temperature can be altered.

Hot masks can give you relief in cases of headache.

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