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Best Tips to lose weight after hysterectomy

The removal of uterus involves a surgery and is called hysterectomy. Uterus is removed in certain conditions like cancer or inflammation in the uterus lining. But uterus is essential for you to get to become pregnant and have your menses. Studies have said that hysterectomy could lead to weight gain in women.

Causes of Weight Gain After Hysterectomy

weight loss tips

weight gain in plate, Credits: pexels

Gain of extra weight could occur due to the below mentioned reasons:

  1. You tend to eat more

  2. And, You feel bored

  3. You are lonely

  4. Not doing enough activity

You are confused about how and which exercises can be done

lose weight after hysterectomy

Here are some easy tips to follow to lose weight after hysterectomy

Take a healthy and nutritious diet post Hysterectomy

weight loss diet

healthy diet, Credits: pexels

Post hysterectomy women tend to move less and don’t spend the energy they should spend. Hence, the weight gain. This can be avoided if adequate precautions are taken. By opting for a well balanced diet, this problem can be taken care of.  After any surgery the body is weak and adequate nutrients should be taken to keep it healthy.

You can follow the following tips:

  1. Consume a good quantity of protein. It could be eggs or fish.

  2. Cut down on the dairy consumption

  3. Have the berries as they antioxidant rich

  4. Consume iron, minerals and vitamins

  5. Consume plenty of fibre to ensure smooth bowel movement

  6. Cut down on refined sugar consumption

  7. Have a lot of water

  8. Don’t indulge in alcohol

  9. Don’t consume too much confectionary

follow a fixed exercise routine after Hysterectomy

do you gain weight after a hysterectomy

Women doin exercise, Credits: pexels

Exercise is key to staying fit and healthy. It promotes a holistic well being of an individual and aids in weight loss. It will help you to avoid necessary gain of extra kilos.

What all exercises are considered safe post hysterectomy:

  1. Deep breathing, regular walking, as you are told by your doctor.

  2. Exercise for 15 to 20 minutes everyday, for at least 5-6 days in a week. Exercise releases endorphins or happy hormones and will uplift your mood.

  3. You can also lift light weights that will provide strength to your bones and muscles.

  4. Join pilates or yoga and stretch out your body. Build a good core strength and decrease your risk for injuries.

Have a good daily routine and keep your stress at bay

weight gain after hysterectomy

Women with calm mood, Credits: pexels

Plan your activities throughout the day. Keep yourself occupied by whatever makes you happy. Fix a schedule for yourself and follow it properly. Read a book, do your daily chores, keep your surroundings clean. Try to have a social life, join a club and make new friends.

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