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Salt Water Flush: Safety, Risks And Recipes

A saltwater flush is becoming popular these days and is included in detox and fasting diets. It helps to detoxify, cleanse your body, and regulate your bowel movements. Also, It is an amalgamation of warm water and non-iodized sea salt. It helps in better bowel movement upon consumption. Its effects are visible and last from 30 minutes to an hour of its consumption.

If a person is consuming a poor diet with a lot of waste stocked up in the colon, this might lead to irregular bowels, thus making you sluggish. The whole concept is to hep you get rid of digestive system issues and make you feel lighter and more energetic.

It is supposed to detoxify rotten waste and various organisms that may be residing inside your colon. It is a natural way to empty the colon and is much better than colon-cleansing-drugs available in the market. But is it that good and has no harmful effects?

Studies conducted on this

Although saltwater flush is efficient enough to cleanse your colon and regulate your bowel movements. It is yet to be proven scientifically that it detoxifies our colon and gets rid of the old waste material.

A study done by Arya et al, technique of shankh prakshalana was used. In it lukewarm saline was used in along with yoga to cleanse the bowel before colonoscopy was carried out.

Who is the right candidate to do a saltwater flush?

Try a saltwater flush if:

  1. you’re remain perpetually constipated

  2. you often face irregular bowel movements

How does Sea Salt cleanse?

caption: saltwater flush

alt-text: saltwater flush cleanse

The levels of sodium in packed foods is high and processed and can lead to problems like high blood pressure. But natural sea salt is not that harmful. It can be used to clean infected areas, decrease pain in muscles. It also impacts various systems like nervous or muscular. Helps to eliminate or get rid of toxic substances and reduce lethargy.

An optimal hormonal balance and ph level can be maintained with the help of salt. It positively affects your metabolic system by favouring hyperosmolarity. It helps you get rid of retention of fluids in the body and as a result you loose fluid weight by regulating mineral levels. The excess water that the body is retaining gets eliminated.

Saltwater flush recipe

caption: saltwater flush

alt-text: saltwater flush recipe

The preparation for a saltwater flush is:


  1. Two teaspoons of salt

  2. A jar

  3. Thousand millilitre of water

  4. Juice of a fresh lemon


  1. Mix two teaspoons of non-iodized sea salt (Himalayan pink sea salt) in thousand millilitre of warm water. Make sure the water is only warm and not boiling.

  2. If you don’t like it’s taste, then add juice of a lemon to it to reduce the salty taste

  3. Gulp it down on an empty stomach

  4. After drinking it you might experience an immediate urge to clear your bowels.

  5. The key is to drink it on an empty stomach be it in the morning or sometime after you had your last meal.

  6. Stay close to a toilet after having it and try not to exercise immediately after drinking it.

Benefits of saltwater flush

caption: saltwater flush

alt-text: saltwater flush uses

  1. Helps with fluid retention

  2. Maintains electrolyte balance

  3. Eliminates toxins and waste out of your system

  4. Helps you get rid of digestive system problems

  5. Helps you get a clear skin

Salt Water Flush Helps in Weight Loss?

caption: saltwater flush

alt-text: saltwater flush cleanse aids in weight loss

Yes, definitely it can help you loose weight. They help to flush out the fluids and toxins as they are diuretics and lead to osmotic diarrhea. And the best part is that our body does not absorb this water, thus flushes it out completely. Regular bowel movements and less fluid retention helps you lose weight, but this should not be your sole aim to do this.

Cons of a Salt Water flush in Losing weight

Can result in dehydration. Thus making you confused and low on energy levels. You might feel very thirsty after it. So drink loads of water to avoid it. Might lead to electrolyte imbalance causing irregular heartbeat, dizziness, spasms etc.

Are there any harmful effects of saltwater flush?

caption: saltwater flush

alt-text: saltwater flush cleanse harmful effects

  1. A saltwater flush might lead to nausea and vomiting if you consume without eating anything.

  2. It might lead to excess sodium levels in your body

  3. You might suffer from increased blood pressure due to raised sodium levels

  4. Due to immediate flush out of fluids from your body you may feel bloated or dehydrated

  5. Might experience an imbalance of the electrolytes in your body

Its consumption might lead to:

  1. Muscle spasms

  2. fatigue

  3. erratic heartbeat

  4. rise in blood pressure

People with medical conditions that should avoid a saltwater flush

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alt-text: saltwater flush cleanse

  1. Patients with heart related issues

  2. patients with elevated blood sugar

  3. people with swelling issues

  4. patients whose kidneys do not function properly

  5. elevated blood pressure levels

  6. any disease of the gastrointestinal system

There are certain good and bad microorganisms residing in our gut. And, There balance is the important for a healthy gut. There imbalance can give rise to many intestinal diseases.

Not enough scientific evidence exists yet on how the saltwater flush impacts these microorganisms. Usually having a probiotic balances your gut bacteria and protects you from having any intestinal issues.

What are the other methods to cleanse your colon?

caption: saltwater flush

alt-text: saltwater flush cleanse alternatives

Detox diets, herbal teas, juice diets etc. are some ways other than saltwater flush to cleanse colon. Not many studies exist which claim that they are safe without any harm, and whether their effects lasts long. The ideal way is to keep your kidneys and liver healthy, as they eliminate the toxins out of your body.

  1. Drink tons of water everyday

  2. Consume a diet inclusive of vegetables, fruits, juices etc.

  3. Limit alcohol intake

  4. Curb your smoking habits or consumption of and abusive substance

  5. Keep your BMI in range

  6. Blood pressure should be managed well

  7. Stay fit and do some form of exercise or yoga daily

  8. For long term management of constipation, consume a diet full of fibre


A saltwater flush will clear out your colon and regulate bowel movements. In case you have some serious medical condition, consult you doctor whether you can take saltwater flush or not. It has many benefits like balances ph and hormone levels, help you get a clear skin, you might lose water weight etc. Saltwater flush recipe is easy to follow. Also, helps you get rid of digestive system issues and improves your overall health and well being. Do keep in mind the harmful effects of it and take full precautions while doing the saltwater flush.

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