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15 Super Health Benefits of Ajwain (Carom Seeds)

Ajwain or carom seeds are an essential part of every Indian household. It is very small in size and is of brown color. Ajwain has a strong aroma and is very flavourful. Ajwain has numerous health benefits and is used widely in cooking.

  1. It has immense medicinal properties and is used to cure many diseases.

  2. Ajwain is said to be effective against bacteria, fungi, and other germs.

  3. About a hundred grams of it is loaded with many minerals, vitamins, and anti-oxidants.

  4. Some of the minerals are thiamine, potassium, and even calcium.

It holds an important place in Ayurveda and said to treat digestive issues like gas, flatulence, and even aids in loosing weight.

Health benefits of carom seeds or ajwain

Helps you fight infection against bacteria and fungi

ajwain seeds fights infection

virus illustration

Ajwain seeds are very effective against organisms like fungi, bacteria. They can even be used in cases of food poising where E. coli is responsible.

Lowers blood pressures levels

 benefits of ajwain

doctor checking blood pressures level

There are many anti-hypertensive drugs available in the market which your doctors usually prescribe. Thymol is a part of ajwain which can act as a potential anti-hypretensive.

Regulates cholesterol levels

ajwain seeds regulates cholesterol levels


Cholesterol levels in the bod can be brought down by lowering the LDL or bad cholesterol. These get deposited in the blood vessels and increase chance of your heart ailments. Carom seeds can regulate your cholesterol levels and improve the good cholesterol levels in your body.

Excellent anti-inflammatory properties

Ajwain seeds can reduce long term inflammation in your body and is effective against various inflammatory conditions.

Prevents Greying of Hair

prevents premature greying of hairs

Grey Hair

Ajwain seems to benefit your hair as well. They help in preventing greying of your hair. It is loaded with rich anti-oxidants and can improve the overall quality of your hair.

Improves Digestion

ajwain seeds improve digestion

women showing stomach

One of the key benefits of consuming carom seeds or ajwain is improving the digestive system. If you are facing flatulence or gas issues, then try consuming ajwain right after your meals along with some warm water.

Relives Stomach Pain

ajwain seeds relieves stomach pain

person suffering from stomach pain

If you have gas or stomach ache, then ajwain can be taken for relief.

Reduces Acidity in the stomach

ajwain seeds reduce acidity

illustration of digestive system

The next very important benefit of ajwain is treating acidity in your system. It helps you get rid of excessive gas in your body.

Remedy for Asthma

Remedy for Asthma

person suffering from asthma

Ajwain is not only beneficial for the stomach, but also effective on cold, asthma. Ajwain is known to possess anti-inflammatory properties. It can even relieve you from a sore throat.

Solution to your Oral Problems

oral health problems

dentist checking teeth

Thymol in carom seeds can be used to treat caries, foul oral odor. It is very effective against bacteria. Mix it with clove oil and use it in the mouth.

Relieves from Arthritis

ajwain seeds relives arthritis

person experiencing Arthritis

Ajwian seeds can be crushed and a paste can be made out of it. Crush carom seeds and apply their paste on the affected joint.

Treats Constipation

ajwain seeds can cure constipation


It is advised to consume lots of fibre to treat constipation. But guess what, ajwain is loaded with fibre and help you get rid of constipation. You can mix it in a glass of warm water along with some salt as required.

Aids in Weight Loss

ajwain seeds help in weight loss

women measuring stomach

Carom seeds helps in improving your appetite and helps in regulating the bowel movement.

Thus, its great for those who are trying to loose weight and fight obesity.

Helps in Reduction of Gas & Flatulence

reduce gas and flatulence

person with Gas issue

Mix ajwain in a glass of water and get rid of gastric problems like gas, indigestion, and acidity. It a great natural herb which is a one stop solution for all gastric tract issues. Mix some salt in it to make it taste better.

Helps to Treat Cough & Cold

ajwain seeds helps with cough and cold

person suffering from cold

Studies indicate that ajwain seeds are often used in cough and cold. It improves the airflow and is beneficial to asthmatic patients. Boil water and add ajwain seeds to it and relieve your cough symptoms. But still more research has to go into this aspect.

Do Carom Seeds Have Any Side Effects?

Everything should be consumed in moderation. It’s the same with carom seeds also. More than one teaspoon a day should be avoided. Increased use can cause nausea or dizziness. Pregnant women should consult doctor before consuming carom seeds or ajwain.

Ajwain Water or Oma water for Weight Loss

ajwain water benefits

cup of ajwain water

Ajwain water is very easy to prepare and has multiple health benefits. You can incorporate this in your everyday diet. Take half a litre of water and add roasted carom seeds in it. But let it cool down before drinking. This is a great weight loss remedy. You may add honey to it to improve the taste.

Benefits of ajwain water

Besides helping in weight loss, many other benefits are seen with ajwain.

Some of them include:

  1. Cure indigestion and acidity

  2. Effective in cold and cough

  3. Can be given in asthma

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