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Can Gas Cause Headache?

headache due to gas the throbbing feeling in our head that we experience seems to arrive abruptly and we wonder about the cause. Usually, our immediate reaction to it is to swallow a painkiller like crocin. But if you are experiencing frequent headaches, then it might be a good idea to look for its causes.

There are several reasons that might result in that nagging pain in your head. Stress, unstable blood sugar levels, vitamin or mineral deficiency, lack of sleep are only a few of the myriad factors that might be behind your headache.

Headache due to gas is very common. It is the type of headache which results from improper digestion. You need to have an understanding of headaches that arise due to gastrointestinal problems. Let’s have a look at them below.

Can You Get Headache Due to Gas?

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Gastric headaches are those kinds of headaches that arise due to indigestion. Certain foods like beans are difficult for our bodies to digest. The sugars and carbohydrates found in such a food item cannot be easily digested by the bacteria present in our gut. Hence, we produce gas. The sugars and carbohydrates found in other food items like fruits, vegetables, and grains are also hard for the body to digest.

Besides food, certain medications like supplements and antidepressants also alter the type of bacteria found in the body. It leads us to produce excess gas. An inflammation in the stomach and excess acid leads to headache.

Indigestion also happens because of a variety of factors like unhealthy food choices, wrong food combinations and sedentary lifestyle. Over time these may contribute to many gastrointestinal problems where you may also experience fever with headache.

What Causes a Headache Due to Gas?

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Common food items, Credits: Pixabay

There are a number of reasons that can cause gastric headaches. Some of the most common but easily ignored ones are listed below.

  1. Lack of sleep and irregular eating habits

  2. Wrong food combinations in diet

  3. Excess stress

  4. Unhealthy food choices

  5. Food allergy

Remedies for Headache Due to Gas

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Fruits and vegetables, Credits: Pixabay

There are many remedies that will get rid of your headache caused by acidity and indigestion. Some of the most effective ones are listed below.

  1. Oil for natural relief

  2. Lather some cinnamon paste

  3. Lemon Water to relax and unwind

  4. Magnesium and B complex vitamins

  5. Pinch your pressure points

  6. Eliminate foods that cause indigestion

1.  Oil for Natural Relief

Take some drops of eucalyptus oil and use it like a balm on your forehead. iIt is very useful in relaxing the taut muscles and reducing the overall pain.

2.  Lather Some Cinnamon Paste

Make a powder out of some cinnamon sticks. Add some water till the paste becomes thick. Now lather it on your forehead. Let it remain there for around 30 minutes. It will give you instant relief from headache.

3.  Lemon Water to Relax and Unwind

Drinking some lemon water will help you relax. It will also help to minimize the headaches that are caused due to acidity.

4.  Magnesium and B Complex Vitamins

Magnesium is an important mineral whose deficiency may lead to severe migraine headaches. A magnesium supplement can treat your headache effectively. Vitamin B2, folate, and B12 can be safely taken to get relief from headaches.

5.  Pinch Your Pressure Points

Press your acupressure points for headache due to acidity. They are located at the back of your neck, in the middle of your eyebrows, in your palm, and on your shoulder edges.

6.  Eliminate Foods that Cause Indigestion

Remove certain foods that cause migraines and indigestion. Examples would be cheese, alcohol, coffee, beans, and grains.

Frequent bouts of headaches not only disrupt our daily functioning but also leave us fatigued. Indigestion is one of the most overlooked causes of headaches. But it can be effectively treated by a careful examination of your diet and lifestyle.

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