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Coronavirus Update for July

The spread and extent of the novel coronavirus continue to increasingly progress since January 2020, especially in the last few months.

The authorities around the world have tried their best to contain this epidemic by ordering over 3 billion people around the world to live in isolation and under lockdown.

As we continue to live in fear of this virus, we face problems of mental and physical restrictions due to months under lockdown as they all hope for a solution or cure.

However, the negative impact and extent of this virus has been far worse than such problems and give the people no choice but to continue this lifestyle.

As of 5th July, India surpassed Russia and took the third rank in the top worst-hit countries by the coronavirus as the total number of positive cases rises to 14,33,443 (26th July).

Moreover, unlocking has pushed up the number of cases in Maharashtra  as the number of cases added from the 1st of July is 2,01,109 with Mumbai contributing to 31,513  cases and Pune contributing to 61,027 cases.

Face mask

Coronavirus, Credit: Pexels

States Affected by Coronavirus in India

Here’s a recent Coronavirus update of the number of cases and death in some of the most affected states in India:StateNumber of cases reportedDeath tollArunachal Pradesh11263Andaman and Nicobar Islands3180Madhya Pradesh27,800811Maharashtra3,75,79913,656Gujarat55,8222,326Haryana31,132392Andhra Pradesh96,2981,041West Bengal58,7181372Bihar38,919234Karnataka96,1411,878Rajasthan36,430624Punjab13,218306Delhi1,30,6063,827Telangana54,059463Uttar Pradesh66,9881,426Odisha25,389140Assam31,08677Tamil Nadu2,13,7232,13,723Kerala19,02561

The overall impact in the country:Total number of deaths/death toll32,758Total number of people discharged8,85,577


Vaccine update, Credit: Pikist

Coronavirus Medicine, Treatment and Vaccine Update

Oxford University and AstraZeneca have teamed up with a private vaccine maker, Serum Institute of India (SII).

They are currently showing significant progress and are approaching towards the end of testing.

After promising and progressive results, they are finally approaching the crucial phase 3 of testing.

Experimental testing for this phase will also be conducted in India.

Last week, positive results were observed for the vaccine, AZD1222, as studies claim that it is “safe, well-tolerated and immunogenic”.

Due to the contributions of the DBT India in funding, research, trials, etc, it increases the chances and hope of the vaccine being available for Indians sooner than predicted.

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