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Drinking Jeera Water For Weight Loss & Other Benefits of Jeera Water

Weight loss is a topic on which different people have different opinions. It is also something, which, through the passage of time has become rife with many many superstitions. Afterall, isn’t it every other day that we get to hear some or the other ‘new’ thing promising rapid or instant weight loss in a short amount of time? People flock to the market in the hopes of getting their hands on supplements and remedies that promise great results. Natural remedies like jeera water for weight loss tend to assume a back seat in people’s struggles toward acquiring that perfect ingredient.

Sometimes, we get so caught up in what all the TV commercials and posters advocate that we forget that our kitchen itself is a home to so many fantastic natural ingredients. In fact, India has long been a home to many ancient spices, jeera being one of them. All these spices have enormous health benefits. One just has to look through Ayurveda to find the innumerable number of benefits of these spices. Along with adding a rich aroma to our food and imparting it a wonderful taste, many of these spices are also renowned for their amazing health benefits. Once you have received a knowledge of these natural spices, and know how to make it a part of your diet, you no longer need to search for any other weight loss and health supplement.

Here we take a look at jeera water benefits for weight loss and for maintaining and preserving a great health.

How Does Jeera Water Promote Weight Loss

jeera water for weight loss

Image of jeera seeds, Credit: Canva

The thumb rule of weight loss involves consuming less calories than you burn on a daily basis. For consuming less calories, you need to fill your stomach with foods that are not calorically dense. These include fruits and vegetables. Jeera or cumin seeds are also a source of very few calories. In fact, a single teaspoon of jeera seeds has only 7 calories. Imagine if you consume a glass filled with water with 1 teaspoon of jeera seeds in it, how less calories will you ingest! It will also fill your stomach quickly and you will not feel the need to binge on other foods.

Digestive health holds immense significance during the process of weight loss. What better way of boosting your digestive system’s functioning than by consuming jeera water for weight loss. There are many ways by which jeera water can aid in weight loss. Let us look at the list given below.

  1. By drinking jeera water, you will enable your stomach to secrete those enzymes that work to break down fats, carbohydrates, and sugars. Hence, your bowel movements will become regular and you will attain that enviable flat stomach.

  2. Jeera water for weight loss is recommended by dieticians due to its ability to kickstart the fat burning process in your body.

  3. We all know the unwanted cravings that we need to deal with during the weight loss cycle. But you can eliminate it by drinking cumin seeds water. After drinking it, you will automatically not feel the need to reach out for unhealthy foods.

  4. A detoxification process is essential for achieving all your weight loss goals. Guess what happens when you consume jeera water for weight loss? You prompt your body to detoxify itself and eliminate all the harmful substances present in it.

Jeera Water for Weight Loss Recipe

jeera water weight loss recipe

Woman with a cup in hand, Credit: Canva

You do not need many things for this recipe. A teaspoon of cumin seeds and a glass of water is all you require to create this health elixir for yourself. Ensure that you are making this recipe a night before you are about to drink it. Mix cumin seeds in water and leave it aside. It would be best if you make this drink in a vessel made out of copper. Copper vessels promote the water to absorb all the nutrients of cumin seeds.

That is it! Your jeera water for weight loss recipe is complete! To gain its most benefits, drink it on an empty stomach in the morning after you wake up.

 Jeera Water Benefits – What Else Does This Miracle Drink Offer?

healthy living

Woman dancing on bed, Credit: Canva

The advantages of drinking jeera seeds water is not only limited to weight loss. There are a myriad of health benefits of it which you can effectively avail once you start drinking it as part of your daily diet. At first, you will feel like you are unable to adjust to the peculiar taste of this drink. Eventually, though your body will acquire its taste and you will soon find yourself looking forward to consuming it on a regular basis.

Given below are other potent jeera water benefits that you should be aware of.

  1. Cumin seeds are highly useful in helping you manage your cholesterol levels. Consuming them through water will restore the unequal proportion of good and bad cholesterol in your system.

  2. Diabetics can not only use jeera water for weight loss but also for managing their high sugar levels. The bitter taste of cumin seeds water is what is so helpful in reducing the levels of sugar in a diabetic person’s body.

  3. Boost your brain health by consuming cumin seeds every day. Studies have shown that the vitamins and minerals present in cumin seeds are very useful in preventing brain related disorders.

  4. If you are suffering from seasonal ailments like cough, cold, and flu, then jeera water is an effective remedy for you. You will find yourself recovering from these infections and boosting your overall immunity in the process.

Now that you are aware of jeera water for weight loss remedy as well as all its other powerful capabilities, we are sure that you will not hesitate in gulping down this health elixir every other day.

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