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Drop That Saridon! Here Are Some Alternative Cures for Migraine

A migraine is a condition which is characterised by severe throbbing headaches often accompanied by other symptoms. Patients suffering from migraines require treatment every time they suffer from an episode.

Taking medication is helpful but it has side effects. Moreover, medication does not always help. To increase the treatment options available to you, here are some alternative cures for migraine.


Homoeopathy is defined as a pseudo-scientific system of medicine. It involves the use of highly diluted substances which are designed to cause the body to heal itself.

Treating migraine with homoeopathy has been successful. There are various homoeopathic medicines available which help in treating migraine.

A homoeopathic doctor would ask you to describe your symptoms and prescribe medication accordingly. One thing to ensure is that no self-medication practices are followed. Only take homoeopathic medications which are prescribed to you.

The treatment is chosen based on the severity and duration of the migraine. Homoeopathy drugs which are used are belladonna, Nux vomica, and sepia.

Migraine Oil

A migraine oil is an essential oil which can be applied topically and helps in reducing migraine pain. Essential oils are highly concentrated liquids that have a pain-relieving effect. Apply these oils after mixing them with carrier oils such as coconut oil.

When you are suffering from migraine, apply migraine oil to your head by massaging it gently. Migraine oils have been very effective in reducing pain caused by migraine. The following essential oils are used as migraine oils: •Lavender oil •Peppermint oil •Rosemary oil •Chamomile oil There are marketed preparations also available for migraines which include a combination of essential oils.


There are studies which show that a massage can release endorphins and relieve stress. This can help in reducing the frequency of migraines. Relaxation helps in decreasing the severity of migraine.

Regular massage sessions can bring long term relief from migraine. Stress relief which comes from a massage and other relaxation techniques is helpful in patients suffering from a migraine.

Acupuncture is an alternative system of medicine which originated in China. The principle behind acupuncture is to maintain the flow of energy. An acupuncturist uses needles at pressure points which help in reducing pain.

There have been clinical trials which have tested the effectiveness of acupuncture as a treatment for migraine. The results have been mixed but some studies report a 50% reduction in the frequency of migraine because of acupuncture. It is worth trying.

Acupuncture is available as migraine medicine in India.

Acupuncture needles being used.

Acupuncture is used to treat migraines.        Credits: Pixabay


Ginger is widely believed to be a superfood that has many health benefits. Migraines are often accompanied by nausea. Ginger tea helps in reducing nausea. Ginger root also blocks prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are responsible for contracting muscles and causing a headache. This gives ginger the ability to alleviate a headache. It is advised that 2-4 gm of ginger intake should be done daily. Other herbs which can be used are: •Butterbur •Feverfew

Topical Paste

Application of topical agents can help in dealing with a migraine. Topical agents are applied on the forehead. These agents act directly on the skin and provide relief from migraine symptoms. The commonly used paste is nutmeg paste. Making the paste is very simple. Just mix nutmeg powder with water and apply. It provides instant relief.

Yoga for Migraine

Yoga is an activity which improves blood flow, reduces muscle tension, and promotes overall wellbeing. It uses meditation, breathing and body postures to improve the health of a person.

A study titled Effect of Yoga on migraine: A comprehensive study using clinical profile and cardiac autonomic functions shows that yoga provides relief from migraine. The study concludes that yoga is a complementary technique that helps in treating migraine. It is believed that yoga helps with anxiety and it releases tension from migraine trigger areas. Yoga helps with the frequency, duration and intensity of the migraine.

A woman doing yoga overlooking the ocean.

Credits: Pexels Caption: Yoga is used as a cure for migraine

Migraines can be triggered by different types of foods. These foods can vary among people, but you can notice a pattern when it comes to yourself. Some foods and beverages which can trigger migraines are: •Alcohol •Beans •Dried fruit •Chocolate •Cheese

Cheese kept on a table.

Credits: Pexels Caption: Cheese can cause migraine

•Pickled fruit •Sour cream •Yoghurt

Diet changes also include additions to your diet. Migraines have been linked with a deficiency of magnesium. Magnesium is taken through the diet. The following foods are rich in magnesium •Peanut butter •Cashews •Sesame seeds •Eggs •Oatmeal


Migraines are serious conditions that can cause a lot of pain and discomfort to the patient. The alternative cures for migraine are essential to finding the right combination of treatment. The ideal treatment should be one which involves more than one form of treatment but has the most effective response. Migraine medicine in India includes drugs as well as all of the above mentioned alternative treatments.

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