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How to Stop Masturbation Addiction?

Masturbation is described as the stimulation of the genitals, typically to a point of orgasm, to achieve sexual excitement and pleasure (sexual climax). Touching, stroking, or massaging the penis or clitoris is usually carried out before an orgasm is reached. It is a way to see how more young people enjoy a sexual relationship before undertaking with an adult.

Masturbation is a part of sexual health. It is considered a safe way to explore sexuality and self-pleasure. One or two times a day is normal to masturbate. The number of times an individual masturbates can differ from person to person.

Sometimes, masturbation can turn out to be an addiction and can affect various other aspects of life. Also, too much masturbation depletes the hormones that create an attraction between two people. It becomes important to stop the addiction and focus the attention on other activities. Here are a few ways to stop masturbation addiction.

When does Masturbation Turn To An “Addiction”?

Masturbation can turn out to be an addiction when a person cannot control the urge to masturbate and when his regular activities like school, work, and social functions are disrupted. Also, masturbation can lead to negative emotions and it is necessary to avoid the addiction before turns to be a huge problem.

Masturbation Turning To a Compulsive Behavior

Masturbation compulsive behavior

Relationship issues, Credits: canva

Sometimes masturbation can turn to be a compulsive sexual behavior. This sort of compulsive behavior can cause psychological issues and distress and can turn out to be a mental health issue. The Mental Illness Diagnostic and Statistical Manual added the category of addiction to behavior. Masturbation is considered as one of the addictions. It may be characterized by various causes that masturbation is compulsive. It could be because, for example,:

  1. Untreated environments for mental wellbeing Problems in relation

  2. Relationship issues

  3. Restrictive views on sexuality

  4. Poor sexual communication

  5. Cultural and religious conflicts

What Are The Symptoms Of Masturbation Addiction?

excessive masturbation symptoms

An upset couple, Credits: canva

The following signs may signify that you have a masturbation addiction. In such instances, reach out for help.

  1. Your personal life is suffering

  2. You spend lots of time masturbation

  3. You want to masturbate even in public restrooms

  4. And, you are unable to involve in social activities and prefer going home.

  5. You masturbate to deal with bad feelings.

  6. Feeling guilty and upset after masturbation

  7. You often think about masturbation

A person who masturbates often may have low self-esteem, lower sexual satisfaction, and their relationships may get affected.

What Are The Benefits Of Masturbation?

masturbation benefits

A happy woman, Credits: canva

Masturbation is not bad. It has the following benefits.

  1. During masturbation, your body releases dopamine which is a chemical that helps you feel sexual pleasure. When you are done with it, endorphins are released. Endorphins and dopamine are stress relievers. People experiencing stress or any other mental health conditions are likely to get addicted to masturbation. Masturbation is a pivotal part of a person’s sexuality. Excess of it is problematic. Chronic masturbation leads to more release of dopamine and endorphins. You have similar emotions, like a drug addict, as the brain produces dopamine.

  2. Masturbation will help you find out more about your body sexuality and what you want during sex.

  3. It can relieve cramps. Endorphins can act as natural pain relievers

What Are The Side Effects Of Masturbation?

masturbation side effects

Skin irritation, Credits: canva

If the masturbation turns to be compulsive, vigorous, or constant, it can cause side effects.

  1. Edema: Gripping the penis too firmly during masturbation can cause mild swelling or edema.

  2. Skin irritation: Masturbation can cause chafing or skin irritation if it is too vigorous. However, the irritation is mild and can go away in a few days.

  3. Guilt: Some people may feel ashamed and guilty after masturbation. A survey of 4,211 males who are at a clinic for sex medicine showed that after masturbation, 8.4% of males had a feeling of guilt.

How to Stop Masturbation Addiction?

Stopping the addiction to masturbate is a time taking process. But it is completely possible. It requires a series of strategies. Here are a few.

  1. “NO” to Pornography

  2. Seek Professional help

  3. Acceptance

  4. Be patient

  5. Stay Active

  6. Focus on yourself

  7. Support groups

  8. Concentrate on your clothes

  9. Books that may help you deal with masturbation addiction

“NO” To Pornography

How to stop masturbation

A man watching “porn”, Credits: canva

Pornography can trigger the desire to masturbate. Take measures to prevent yourself from watching pornography. Just throw out any forms of it, be it magazines, movies, etc.  Start using a computer or mobile phones in public places so that you don’t have an urge to see the wrong stuffs. You can also install porn blocking software.

Seek For Professional Help

how to quit masturbation

An interaction, Credits: canva

When you are willing to stop the habit of masturbating entirely, you can get professional help from a counselor, psychologist, or psychiatrist who specializes in sexual health.  These specialists are trained people and can offer you recommendations and suggestions on how you can get rid of masturbation. In some instances, the obsessive-compulsive disorder can be the cause of the underlying issue and a therapist will be able to help you sort the issue.

Your therapist may have several strategies to identify the issue behind your masturbation addiction. One such therapy is talk therapy. Talk therapy will help you discover the root cause of your masturbation dependency, so that you can improve behavior reduction strategies. If you are experiencing trauma, your therapist may help you identify better-coping skills for managing the emotional pain. If you masturbate to cope up with stress, a therapist can help you handle the situation better.

Some of the drugs used for the treatment of compulsive masturbation include antidepressants, mood stabilizers, and naltrexone.


When you consult a therapist, you must be honest about how many times you masturbate a day. Also, let your therapist know what times you masturbate. It might be during the shower during the morning or before your bedtime.

You must accept that masturbation is normal and not bad.  You must communicate your feelings properly to a therapist to get a perfect solution to your problem.

Be Patient

Breaking any type of addiction takes time. You must be ready to see a therapist for several weeks or months. The more you continue talking with the specialist, the more comfortable you turn out to be. Slowly you realize changes in your feelings and behaviors. Have a strong determination that you can get rid of the habit and always trust the process.

Stay Active

how to control masturbation

A woman doing yoga, Credits: canva

Keep yourself active all the time. Engage in activities that make you self-soothing and exciting. You can try the following.

  1. Find a new hobby or rediscover the existing one.

  2. Learn a new skill or try a new sport.

  3. Exercises help you stay active. Exercises release endorphins that promote feelings of well-being

  4. Practice mindfulness. Do yoga and meditation.

  5. Socialize with friends and relatives.

  6. Explore new places.

  7. Reshape your behavior. Limit your “alone time”. When you love to watch a movie or a cricket match, call your friend or go to a sports bar.

  8. Develop new goals and invest time and energy in it.

  9. Join a gym and stay socially active.

  10. Strengthen personal connections by planning for regular outings

When you keep yourself busy and engaged in activities, you cut down and reduce the opportunity for masturbation.

Focus on Yourself

Try focusing on improving your health. Have a healthy diet and do exercises. Focus your energy and efforts on caring for your body. Paying attention to your body may reduce the urge to masturbation.

Support Groups

how to quit

Support group, Credits: canva

Learn from your therapist about the support groups that are available when you are willing to overcome the issue. When you are not willing to go for in-person support groups, join an online support group that may help overcome the addiction.

Concentrate on Your Clothes

When you feel that you have an urge of rubbing or touching your genitals during the night which makes you involved in masturbation, use an extra layer of clothing to reduce the sensation.

Books That May Help You Deal With Masturbation Addiction

How to stop masturbation addiction

A man reading a book, Credits: canva

You can read the following books to overcome masturbation addiction

Author: James Smith

This little book teaches how to stop masturbating. It is simple and quick. It doesn’t involve medication and willpower. The technique may help you overcome the guilt and help you concentrate better on your personal and professional life.

How to Stop Masturbating: How to stop (overcome) men masturbation addiction in 90 days

Author: James Mason

This book contains tips and techniques that help you overcome masturbation addiction in a few months time.

Author: Olusegun Ibikunle

This book is designed to take you, friends, and family out of the deep pits and agony of masturbation and sex addiction-related spirits and practices, to enable you all to fulfill your purposes and live lives of bliss.

Author: Joseph Fan

This book can help you stop masturbating and help you concentrate on things that really matter in life.

Author: George Collins

The author of the book is specialized in counseling people who suffer from sexually compulsive behavior. The exercises that are mentioned in this book will help you how to regain control of your life and build meaningful intimate connections with others.


Masturbation is a healthy practice. Too much of it can be an addiction that disrupts your personal and professional life. There are several ways to stop masturbation addiction and enjoy things that matter the most.

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