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Types Of Condoms: Explore These 21 Different Types

Condoms are an extremely important part of safe sex. Not only do they help a couple avoid unwanted pregnancy, but they also help in preventing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. There are many types of condoms that are available in the Indian market. It can leave one confused as to what to buy and what not to. Moreover, they also vary in their effectiveness. Looking at their wide range, one can wonder what kind of condoms are best? Do not worry. Keep reading to find more about the best condoms in India.

What Are the Three Types of Condoms?

Condoms in India

condoms, Credit: Canva

Broadly, there are three types of condoms, of which you should use only one during intercourse. They are:

  1. Regular condoms for males. These can collect the fluids from ejaculation.

  2. Internal condoms for females. These go inside a woman’s vagina to inhibit the entering of sperm.

  3. Dental dams which consist of latex sheets. They are used during oral sex and help to minimize the risk of STD’s.

Types of Condoms in India

types of condoms in India

condom, Credit: Canva

1. Latex condoms

One of the most commonly available and highly affordable types of condoms, these help in the prevention of unwanted pregnancy. They have an effectiveness of 85 to 98 per cent.

2. Non-latex condoms

These condoms are made of natural rubber and effectively inhibits the entering of sperms and also viruses into the woman’s vagina. They also provide more pleasure during intercourse.

3. Condoms with a spermicidal coating

These types of condoms consist of a spermicidal coating whose main aim is to kill the sperms. However, many men have found themselves to be allergic to this condom.

4. Tantric texture condom

These condoms are inspired by tattoo-like textures. They were the first condoms to be designed in the world of safe sex.

5. Textured condoms

These types of condoms are considered the best for enhancing the sexual experience. They come in various types and all of them are designed in such a manner that evokes a greater sexual response.

6. Lambskin condoms

These condoms are made using the skin of lambs. They are not considered the safest to help you minimize your risk of pregnancy. However, they impart a certain kind of sensitivity to men which they find quite pleasing.

7. Tickler condoms

These condoms cause women to feel a tickling sensation in their vagina. Thus, they get more aroused by using it. They are created out of soft rubber or jelly and are more suitable for women who are already taking birth control pills.

8. Condoms for females

These types of condoms can be easily recognised by their elephant-like trunk. They have not yet garnered much popularity and are more expensive than the male one. It is suitable for people who suffer from an allergic reaction while wearing latex condoms.

9. Thick glow-in-dark condoms

These types of condoms have three different layers, one made of phosphorus and the other two made out of latex. It gives them a glowing effect in a dark room. Their safety effectiveness is similar to that of the regular, common condoms.

10. Condoms with extra lubrication

These are ideal for those people who suffer from a dry vagina. These kinds of condoms come with extra lubrication which allows women to enjoy intercourse without feeling any pain.

11. Condoms that last long

These condoms consist of a solution called benzocaine. It has the effect of numbing the penis’s tip. It is ideal for men who often ejaculate prematurely.

12. Dotted condoms

These condoms contain dots on their surfaces. The lubrication in the condoms, when added to the dots, allow these types of condoms to provide a rich sexual experience.

13. Condoms with ribs

The exterior layers of these condoms contain ribs. Their function is to enhance the stimulation and allow women to experience orgasm faster than before.

14. Flavoured condoms

Have you ever wondered, why condoms are in flavours? These condoms are mainly used during oral sex, hence, the flavours enhance the experience. Many flavours like chocolate, strawberries, apple, etc are available in these condoms. They are very effective in minimizing the transmission of STDs during sex.

15. Condoms made with aloe vera

Aloe vera consists of a slimy substance which acts as a natural lubricant. Condoms made with it allow the individual to experience sexual pleasure without any pain.

16. Ultra-sleek condoms

Usually, the reason why men do not like wearing condoms is that they do not give them a natural feeling during intercourse. However, ultra-thin or sleek condoms are well-lubricated and enhance their sexual experience.

17. Condoms that impart warmth

These types of condoms impart a warming feeling. They are great to enhance the sexual experience.

18. Wide tip condoms

These are also called pleasure-shaped condoms. They are characterized by their wide tips, whose function is to provide extra friction. More latex in this condom leads to the stimulation of the endings of the nerve that are present at the head of the penis.

19. Condoms with a spearmint taste

These condoms are coated with a powdery substance that gives them the taste of spearmint. They are not lubricated. These are one of the best condoms for preventing pregnancy and for safe oral sex.

20. Condoms that give a tingling sensation

These condoms contain a lubricant that provides a tingling and enhanced sexual experience for both males and females. Some of it also comes with a refreshing smell of mint.

21. Musical condoms

These condoms complete the need of music that you might crave during intercourse. However, many people have found them to be a source of distraction rather than entertainment.

Which Condoms Are Safest?

the safety of condoms

A condom, Credit: Canva

Male condoms are safer and provide more protection for preventing diseases like HIV, syphilis, gonorrhoea, and chlamydia. These condoms are made out of latex, polyurethane, and polyisoprene. These materials provide the most ideal protection against STDs.

It is important that you know how to use condoms during sex so that you enjoy the experience without the risk of an unwanted pregnancy. Follow the package instructions while using it.

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