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Itching In Vaginal Area: Common Causes, Treatments And Home Remedies

Almost every woman at one or the other points in their lives has experienced itching in vaginal area. This itching can occur at any time of the day and even becomes a source of embarrassment when you are in a social setting. Itching in vaginal area is also commonly felt at the night time and may disturb the quality of one’s sleep. Although this discomfort is a result of contact with your vaginal area with some irritant, many times it is also a symptom of an underlying health concern.

You can find out the right medicine for itching in private parts by identifying the cause of your discomfort. If however, you feel that it is only getting worse day by day and you are not able to recognize its root cause then it is best to contact your gynaecologist. In most cases, it is nothing to fear about as after you determine the cause, treatment is there to help you fix it. Apart from medicines, there are many home remedies for itching in private parts that you can use. But before that, it is essential to find out why you may be facing such a problem.

Why Am I So Itchy down There at Night?

itching in vaginal area

Picture showing feminine hygiene, Credit: Canva

There are numerous causes of itching in vaginal area. Some of the most common ones include:

  1. Skin conditions, specifically psoriasis that apart from your face and neck, can also impact your vaginal area. It may lead to you experiencing a constant state of unease.

  2. When your vaginal skin comes into contact with an irritant present in products like soaps and vaginal washes then also you can experience itchiness.

  3. Women often use harsh detergents or fabric softeners in the clothing. If they come into contact with your vagina, then that sensitive skin reacts to it strongly.

  4. Another obvious cause of itching in vaginal area is a lubricant or a contraceptive foam that you may have used.

  5. Yeast infections are a sure shot cause of itching in vaginal area. Your gynaecologist can help you treat them by prescribing an over the counter medication.

  6. Sexually transmitted diseases like HPV, Chlamydia, genital herpes, gonorrhoea are other obvious causes of vaginal itching.

  7. Bacterial vaginosis, that is, the accumulation of natural bacteria in the sensitive area of the vagina can also cause itching.

How Can You Stop Itching through Home Remedies?

Fortunately, you do not have to shell out money to get rid of your itching. There are many itching in vaginal area home remedies that you can make use of. Here are the best home remedies that you should try out.

1.   Vaseline Treatment

vaginal itching home remedy

Vaseline, Credit: Canva

Sometimes, the vaginal area becomes dry and needs to be moisturised. You may have noticed that while you pee you may also feel a slight burn in that part. All you need to do is to clean that area well and apply some petroleum jelly. For those wondering, which ointment is best for itching in private parts, it is no other than vaseline. Healing vaseline ointments will soothe that skin and you will not become uncomfortable.

2.   Apple Cider Vinegar Treatment

vaginal itching causes

Picture of Apple cider vinegar, Credit: Canva

Apple cider vinegar has antifungal and antibacterial properties. Take a bath with it and you will gain instant relief. However, ensure that you are diluting ACV with water before using it. If you have any mild infection down there it can also be cured with ACV water.

3.   Baking Soda Treatment

home remedy for vaginal itch

Baking soda in bowl, Credit: Canva

Like ACV, a baking soda bath can also minimize the occurrence of irritation in the vaginal area. Baking soda boasts of antifungal properties. Just pour ¼ cup of baking soda on your tub and fill it with water. Use this water on your skin and you are good to go.

4.   Coconut Oil Treatment

feminine hygiene

coconut oil, Credit: Canva

The Coconut oil is a great moisturiser that can eliminate all the dryness in the vaginal skin. You only need to use a few drops of this oil. Gently massage the oil onto the area that is itching. It will provide you with effective relief from persistent discomfort.

5.   Probiotic Treatment

vaginal itching home remedy

Probiotic food, Credit: Canva

One of the ways by which you can heal yourself internally is to consume food products that are rich in probiotics. Probiotics contribute to the development of healthy bacteria. These bacteria treat your infections and you will instantly find a difference in your vaginal health. Probiotic food like yoghurt should be included by everyone in their diet.

What Is the Best Product for Feminine Itch?

1.   Vagisil Anti-Itch Creme Original Strength (4.5 Star Rating)

Best Product for Feminine Itch

It is a prebiotic cream that is designed to help your irritated skin and make you gain a long-lasting relief. Rich in vitamin A, D, E, and aloe, it will strengthen your vaginal health and help you get rid of this uncomfortable feeling.


  1. Provides long-lasting and effective relief from itching

  2. Patented Odour Block Technology

  3. Enriched with LactoPrebiotic


  1. Can impart a burning sensation in the beginning

2.   Vagisil Anti-Itch Creme, Maximum Strength (4.6 Star Rating)

Anti-Itch Creme

It is a fast-acting cream that is recommended by gynaecologists. If you find yourself experiencing pain, itching, and irritation in your vaginal area, then you can treat it effectively with this anti-itch cream.


  1. Infused with vitamin E, D, and A

  2. Nourishes and soothes the vaginal area


  1. The smell may not be liked by everyone

3.   Cipla Mamaxpert Intimate Wash for Women (4.4 Star Rating)

best Product for Feminine Itch

Get rid of all the bad odours and bacterial infections with this cream. Infused with tea tree oil and neem extracts, it works to clean and soothe every inch of your vaginal skin. You will not feel yourself dealing with itching and burning sensation after you start using it.


  1. Free of SLS and parabens

  2. Maintains the PH balance of your intimate area


  1. Some may find the fragrance too strong

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