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Exercises That Help You Fight PCOS

Exercise can help fight every parameter related to PCOS. It may not cure PCOS but it surely helps handle major complications related to PCOS like obesity, stress, hypothyroidism, anxiety, and depression.

Some of the effective best exercise for PCOS that can help address PCOS and its symptoms are listed below:

Weight Training Exercises

Weight lifting

Weight lifting exercise, Credits: Pixabay

Weight training or strength training is highly beneficial in PCOS. Start with a medium to a heavy set of dumbbells. Do not carry heavyweights as the muscle build-up is not the main objective.


  1. Weight training helps lose extra fat.

  2. Increase muscle mass, which helps metabolize glucose effectively.

High-intensity interval training


High-intensity interval training, Credits: Pixabay

High-intensity interval training involves short periods of intense anaerobic exercise performed at intervals. It is also performed with less intense exercises as recovery periods.


  1. Helps manage PCOS symptoms by improving the cardiovascular and metabolic profile of PCOS in women.

  2. It prevents insulin resistance and enhances the sensitivity of tissues towards insulin.

  3. This exercise is better for stress management in PCOS women.



Woman swimming in a pool, Credits: Pixabay

Swimming for at least half-an-hour every day can help burn those extra calories and is found to be beneficial in managing symptoms of PCOS. Swimming is recommended by many doctors for maintaining a healthy weight.


  1. Swimming helps maintain uterus health

  2. Swimming can help lose weight

  3. Makes you feel good and rejuvenated

  4. Help fight metabolic disorders like CVD and type-2 diabetes.



Women cycling or biking, Credits: Pixabay

Cycling in PCOS can help you lose weight and allows you to burn more calories.


  1. Promotes glucose absorption by tissues.

  2. Works on your abdominal muscles, boost circulation and help fight menstrual irregularities



Zumba classes, Credits: Pixabay

It is one of the best exercise for PCOS. It is a type of cardio exercise, that boosts your overall health


  1. Improves insulin sensitivity and metabolic factors.

  2. Helps reduce metabolic risk factors.

  3. It prevents the formation of lumps of fat in the abdominal region.



Jogging, Credits: Pixabay

Walking is also considered to be an effective remedy to fight PCOS. But it should be done regularly or on a daily basis and the intensity should be increased gradually.


  1. Walking helps calm the mind

  2. Balances lipids, fats, and hormonal profile.

  3. Promotes weight loss by increasing your metabolic rate.



Pilates, Credits: Pixabay

Stress is considered to be a major factor in PCOS. The lining of the uterus in PCOS becomes thickened due to which a woman observes irregular periods. Pilates can help overcome this


  1. It helps strengthen the uterus, by promoting blood circulation

  2. Removes toxins from the body and helps overcome acne formation and hair fall.


Yoga (Bhujangasana)

Yoga (Bhujangasana), Credits: Pixabay

There are numerous poses of Yoga that can benefit your whole body while keeping your mind calm and healthy. Some of these poses include butterfly, Dhanurasana and Bhujangasana.


  1. It helps to relieve stress

  2. It also helps to promote weight loss.

  3. Yoga helps to inhibit infertility by maintaining hormonal balance in the brain

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