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Get Rid Of Headaches With These Powerful Yoga Mudras

Today’s hectic lifestyle has made yoga mudra for headache a common part of our everyday experience. Usually, we ignore it till it gets unbearable and then resort to painkillers to get rid of them. Pain-relieving medicines have now become an integral part of everyone’s life. So much so that it has made many of us oblivious to their side-effects.

Headache is not something that we think is curable with natural remedies. But as a matter of fact, it certainly is. Not many are aware that the ancient practice of yoga can also be used in an easy way to relieve one of the frequent headaches. Yoga offers a variety of mudras for headaches that are not at all difficult to do. All you need to perform them is your hand!

Yoga Mudra for Headaches

yoga, mudra, hand

A yoga hand mudra, Credit: Pixabay

Overcome your headache with these simple yoga hand mudra for headache.

  1. Mahasirs yoga mudra

  2. Prana yoga mudra

  3. Trimukha yoga mudra

  4. Gyan yoga mudra

1.  Mahasirs Yoga Mudra

yoga, mudra, fingers

Mahasirs yoga mudra, Credit: Pixabay

It is a very effective yoga mudra for sinus headache. Sit in a cross-legged position. Now touch your index and middle fingers and the thumb together. At the same time, touch your ring finger to the palm of your hand while extending the little finger upwards. Breathe deeply and continue it for about 20-25 minutes. You can repeat this two-three times a day.

2.  Prana Yoga Mudra

yoga, mudra, hand

Prana yoga mudra, Credits: Pixabay

This is another useful hand or hast mudra for headache. Sit in a cross-legged position. Join your ring and little finger to the tip of your thumb. Extend all the other fingers. Take deep inhales and exhales. This mudra can be performed with both the hands.

It helps you to manage emotions like anger and anxiety, the excess of which may be a possible cause of your headache.

3.  Trimukha Yoga Mudra

In this hand mudra for headache you need to join tips of both of your hands little, ring, and middle fingers together. Hold this pose for 20-30 minutes everyday. Its regular practice can result in a sharper memory and help you to focus and concentrate better.

4.  Gyan Yoga Mudra

yoga mudra for headache

trimukha yoga mudra, Credit: Pixabay

This yoga mudra for headache is very effective for those suffering from migraines. To do this, sit in a comfortable cross-legged position. Now bend your index finger till it touches the tip of your thumb. You can continue it for 20-30 minutes.

Thus we see these simple yoga mudra for headache can relieve you of headaches and associated stress that you regularly experience. Moreover, it also provides other benefits like improved memory and concentration and greater spiritual health.

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