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Heavy Metal Detox: Cleanse Your Body From Heavy Metal Poisoning

When excess of heavy metals get deposited in our body it leads to heavy metal poisoning. Heavy metals enter our body via many factors like environment, factories etc. it even occurs from the food we eat everyday and the air you breathe.

Some of these metals are very harmful if present in excess in the body. When copper is deposited in heavy amounts in the body it results in wilson’s disease.

But these heavy metals can be eliminated from our body by consuming medications taken as advised by the doctor. These medicines help in getting rid of heavy metals by binding to them. Your hair or blood will depict how much heavy metal is deposited inside the body.

Heavy metals include copper, arsenic, lead, iron, zinc, mercury etc. A few natural therapies can be undertaken to remove the heavy metals from the body.

Heavy metal poisoning symptoms

symptoms of heavy metal poisoning

heavy metal poisoning

Toxicity can arise due to long-term exposure to metals. Heavy metal toxicity can lead to several side effects and can further damage to the essential organs.

Mercury, lead, arsenic, and cadmium are some of the more common overexposed metals.

Symptoms that arise due to heavy metal deposition:

  1. headaches

  2. abdominal pain and cramping

  3. nausea and vomiting

  4. diarrhea

  5. tiredness

  6. breathing difficulty

More life threatening and serious symptoms include:

  1. Burning and tingling sensations

  2. Long term infections

  3. visual interferences

  4. sleeplessness

  5. paralysis

There are some good foods and bad foods for treating heavy metal exposure. The foods that we eat impact our body. Heavy metals enter our by via foods that we consume.

Research has shown that if you eat some foods you can prevent excess amount of heavy metals.

You can consume certain foods which help you rid of these heavy metals.

Some good foods can help you detoxify by chucking out heavy metals from your system. Foods can chelate to the metals and eliminate them from the digestive system.

Food that help you to heavy metal detox are

heavy metal detox diet

lot of fibre and vegetables

Include lot of fibre in the diet

  1. garlic

  2. blueberries

  3. lemon water

  4. spirulina

  5. barley grass juice powder

  6. curry

  7. green tea

  8. tomatoes

  9. probiotics

  10. green leafy vegetables

  11. fruits

  12. herbal teas

  13. cilantro

You should also take your daily dose of vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin C is known to cause chelation and can help in eliminating iron from the body.

Consult your physician before taking any medicines if you are already on some drugs.

So what foods are to be avoided in heavy metal poisoning

foods to avoid in heavy metal detox diet

heavy metal poisoning warning

If you want the heavy metal detox to work the include plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Exclude some foods altogether should be avoided if you want to get rid of the excess of heavy metals. Avoid foods that have very less nutritional content and hamper the whole process of detoxification. These foods are packed and processed with lot of unhealthy fat levels. These fats would eat up the heavy metals that you are wanting to eliminate.

Foods to limit or avoid when you are in heavy metal detox diet include:

  1. Arsenic content in brown rice is dangerous

  2. Mercury content tends to be high in fish

  3. stay away from alcohol

  4. foods that are nonorganic

A number of side effects can arise due to heavy metal poisoning, which if you don’t treat can be life impacting. You should ask your doctor if you can consume foods that help you get rid of heavy metals in the body. Discuss your options with a diet consultant about what foods can be a part of your heavy metal detox diet.


Serious health conditions can arise if high amounts of heavy metals deposit in your body.

But yet there is not much scientific evidence that drugs or chelation or any other form of treatment is very effective or not. Chelation process can be proven to be fatal at times. If you are looking for a heavy metal detox diet, try finding some safer options which might be slow but effective. Try a few foods that chelate with heavy metals and eliminate them out of the body. Take a proper consultation and guidance from an experienced healthcare professional.

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