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Here Is A List Of Best Cough Syrup For Kids

Both kids and adults are found suffering from cough and cold in every season. They are very discomforting conditions. Although not dangerous, they can significantly impact the quality of your daily life. Today, the market is brimming with a variety of cough syrup for kids from every brand. But not many people are aware of which cough syrup they should purchase for their children.

Usually people pop a pill when they are suffering from cold and cough or rely on certain home remedies to get relief from them. However, in many situations it has been observed that home remedies are not really an effective option. Whenever cold and cough are accompanied by fever, then no amount of home remedies can get you relief from them. Unfortunately, children are the ones who often experience cough, cold, and fever. To help them get relief, you need to have a sound understanding of the various medicines that can help your child overcome this viral infection and getting back to living a healthy life.

Best Cough Syrup for Kids – Which One Should You Pick?

  1. Benadryl cough syrup

  2. Dabur Honitus cough syrup

  3. Charak Pharma Kofol Syrup

  4. Dr Vaidya’s Huff ‘N’ Kuff Syrup

  5. Himalaya Koflet Syrup

1.   Benadryl Cough Syrup

benadryl cough syrup for kids

Person pouring cough syrup on a spoon, Credit: Canva

It is one of the best cough syrup for kids India that gets rid of dry as well as wet cough problems. It contains agents like codeine and diphenhydramine which eliminate the issues of wet and dry cough in children. This is a fast acting cough syrup that begins to show its impact after about 15 minutes of its consumption. It also helps in soothing the child’s throat so that he or she does not feels irritation. You can administer this cough syrup to your child and help them get relief from both cough and cold.

2.   Dabur Honitus Cough Syrup

dabur honitus

Person pouring cough syrup on a spoon, Credit: Canva

It is a cough syrup that children will definitely love. This has ingredients like tulsi and honey which not only provides relief from cough but also imparts a great taste. It is also a fast acting cough syrup and eases throat issues after only 10-15 minutes of its consumption. It does not make children experience any undesirable side effects since it is based on Ayurvedic sciences, your child will not experience drowsiness after consuming it. Enable your child get fast relief from cough problems with this cough syrup.

3.   Charak Pharma Kofol Syrup

best syrup for cold and cough syrup

Person pouring cough syrup on a spoon, Credit: Canva

It is also an Ayurvedic cough syrup for kids that treats wet and dry cough issues. After consuming this cough syrup, your child will find complete relief from the discomfort and irritation of cough and cold. Made with anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic ingredients like sonth, hapusha, and mari, this cough syrup effectively cures any respiratory discomfort and allergies.

4.   Dr Vaidya’s Huff ‘N’ Puff Syrup

dr vaidya’s huff ‘N’ puff syrup

cough syrup being poured in a spoon, Credit: Canva

It is a herbal cough syrup and is formulated on the principles of Ayurved. Its ingredients like ardusha panchag ghan, tulsi, kapur, and brahmi ghan work to balance the doshas and helps your child get relief from their lung conditions. Apart from this, your child will also find relief from nasal allergies and asthma. For infants and children, the recommended dosage is half and one teaspoon respectively.

5.   Himalaya Koflet Syrup

himalaya koflet cough syrup

cough syrup being poured in a spoon, Credit: Canva

For dry cough problems, you can administer your child another great cough syrup, Himalaya Koflet. It contains honey, tulsi, and licorice as its major ingredients and can treat mild to severe cold and cough problems in children. Honey, as you know, is a natural moisturizer that is renowned for imparting relief to an itchy throat. Tulsi and licorice are anti-inflammatory ingredients that provide quick relief. However before administering this cough syrup to your child, do consult your doctor.

These are some of the best cough syrup for kids that are available in the market. They can also be purchased online

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