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Here’s Why You Should Stretch Everyday

You might have always heard that stretching everyday benefits everyone. But you may have only seen fitness enthusiasts, ballerinas, or daily runners stretching their legs, back, and shoulder muscles. This might confuse you as to just how stretching can help an office or an average person who isn’t that active or indulge in any physical activity daily.

You’re not alone in thinking that. Even those who actively participate in sports or go to the gym regularly fail to see the real value of stretching for their body. They try to get over with it as quickly as possible, or sometimes, don’t do it at all.

But we are here to tell you why stretching is something that you should not avoid at any cost. Spending as little as 5 minutes stretching your body can improve your overall health in ways that you wouldn’t have even imagined.

Benefits of Stretching Your Body Everyday

Stretching is not only for young adults or fitness enthusiasts. In fact, its importance grows as you age. From enhanced mobility to a great balance, stretching everyday results in many benefits that you can only reap if you do it regularly.

  1. Renewed energy

  2. No stiff muscles and joints

  3. Enhanced sports performance

  4. Good for diabetics

  5. Reduces stress

1.  Renewed Energy

energy, stretching, health

Woman feeling energetic, Credit: Pixabay

Stretching proves to be very useful for those people who are used to sitting at work for long hours. Come mid-afternoon, and you start feeling sluggish and tired. Stretching is a way to beat this fatigue and get some blood flow in your body. Taking five minutes break will instantly make you feel more energetic. So instead of grabbing a cup of sugary coffee, spend a few minutes stretching your muscles, and your body will thank you for it.

2.  No Stiff Muscles and Joints

joints, stretching, health

Man suffering from joint pain.Credit: Pixabay

There are two types of stretching, static and dynamic. The primary difference between dynamic and static stretching is that the former involves more than one muscle group, while the latter is only meant for a single muscle. To relieve your muscles of any stiffness and pain, you should do dynamic stretches regularly. Stretches like wrist bends, shoulder shrugs, knee lifts, and leg swings allow a full range of motion to your muscles and joints. Thus, they help in keeping them healthy.

3.  Enhanced Sports Performance

Sports, stretching, health

Woman performing high intensity workout, Credit: Pixabay

If you want to benefit from a great workout or sports session, you need to incorporate both dynamic and static stretching into your routine. It will make you more flexible, enhance your mobility, and provide you with a better range of motion. It will directly reflect in the quality of your workouts, where you will be able to perform your regular exercises more efficiently.

4. Good for Diabetics

diabetes, stretching, health

Woman checking blood sugar, Credit: Pixabay

Stretching is great for diabetics too. But its is essential for them to distinguish between dynamic and static stretching. It is because they will benefit the most from dynamic stretching which involves whole body movements done successively. They will not only enhance their mobility but also burn some calories in the process. It will help them to control and lower their blood sugar to a great extent. It is especially true for the elderly and those who don’t have much time for exercise.

5. Reduces Stress

stress, stretching, health

Woman suffering from stress, Credit: Pixabay

Undoubtedly, stress is one of the major reasons behind many of the lifestyle related conditions that develop in people. Stretching soothes not only your stiff muscles but can also calm your mind in the process. stretching relieves tight muscles in your body. At the same time, it also eliminates all the accumulated tension and stress. Thus, you should stretch more often to manage the stress in your life.

After going through these amazing benefits of stretching mentioned above, you may have been convinced about making it a part of your daily life. Start stretching today and let it work wonders for your health.

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