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How Does Alcohol Affect Your Kidneys?

Alcohol finds a place in many celebrations and functions all over the world. It is enjoyed in many forms like champagne, wine, vodka, whiskey, and beer. Although not exactly delicious, its after-effects are what make it so popular among adults and older people alike. A few glasses of it alcohol affect your kidneys here and there doesn’t really mess with your health. However, it’s easy to get addicted to it. That’s where the problem begins.

Regularly consuming large amounts of alcohol can seriously disrupt the functioning of various organs in your body. One such major organ which gets seriously damaged is the kidney. Let’s find out how exactly does alcohol affect your kidneys.

How Will Alcohol Affect Your Kidneys?

Kidney damage, alcohol

Alcohol and kidney, Credit: Pixabay

Your kidneys filter out all the harmful substances and wastes from your body. Alcohol figures as one of the major harmful substances that needs to be effectively flushed out from your system. However, the excess consumption of alcohol alters the kidney function, and they are not able to work effectively.

The kidney maintains the balance of fluids in your body. Alcohol drastically reduces their capacity to do so. It makes you dehydrated and, in turn, hamper the optimal working of your kidneys.

Effect of Alcohol on Your Blood Pressure

Blood pressure, alcohol

A man checking his blood pressure, Credit: Pixabay

Alcohol, as you may be aware, comes in many forms. One of the most popular choices among people is to consume alcohol as vodka shots. Does vodka affect your kidneys? Indeed, it does.

 If you drink too much alcohol in any form, your chances of developing high blood pressure shoot up. High blood pressure contributes significantly to kidney diseases like albuminuria. It is a kidney condition that is characterized by high amounts of protein in the urine. Apart from this, you will be surprised to know that alcohol negatively affects the medications for high blood pressure that you may consume.

Thus, to prevent yourself from falling prey to kidney disorders limit yourself to 1-2 glasses of alcohol per week.

Effect of Alcohol on Your Liver

Liver disease, alcohol

Doctor with a patient, Credit: Pixabay

People not coming from a medical background often ask, does alcohol affect your kidneys or liver? By now, you are aware of the way alcohol disturbs the healthy functioning of your kidneys. But its effects don’t stop here. Alcohol contributes significantly to various liver diseases too.

Kidneys need to continually filter the blood and keep it clean from any harmful substances. If you get liver disease, your kidneys will not be able to filter the blood effectively. Those who are dependent on alcohol thus suffer from various liver diseases and disorders.

Your liver breaks down every food item that you consume. Upon ingesting alcohol, the liver starts its process of breaking it down. But it is tough and often results in the cells of the liver getting damaged. It can inflame and scar the liver, which in turn damages it. Abdominal pain, dry mouth, fatigue, and always feeling thirsty are significant liver disease symptoms caused by excess alcohol consumption.

Alcohol and kidney stones

As you know, alcohol dehydrates your body completely. This dehydration significantly contributes to the formation of kidney stones. Calcium oxalate stones develop in your kidneys due to constant dehydration brought about by alcohol. As a result, your urine becomes more concentrated. It is a major indicator of you at risk of developing kidney stones.

You might be interested to know can alcohol affect your kidney stones? You have read that it contributes to the formation of kidney stones. But for people who already suffer from the problem of kidney stones, drinking alcohol is never a good idea. It can exacerbate the condition further and put you at risk of severe kidney damage.

Thus, it is always a good idea to drink alcohol sparingly. Don’t consume it in large quantities as it will only derail your health in the long term. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and always stay hydrated to prevent yourself from falling prey to any debilitating alcohol-induced kidney disorders.

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