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How our Asian Neighbours are Handling Coronavirus

seems to be getting worse. With the number of coronavirus cases going well over 1.5 million in our country, let’s see how our Asian neighbors are handling the pandemic.

Corona virus in Singapore

The flag of Singapore

Singapore has one of the lowest death rates in the world

Singapore was among the first 10 countries to report a coronavirus cases. The country has had over 50,000 cases since. Singapore restricted international arrival of travelers in January and made decisions to handle the pandemic.

One very good fact about Singapore is its low death rate. The country has reported 27 deaths so far which is much lower than the global percentage. This feat has been attributed to the advanced healthcare system which is available in the country.

There is a mild rise in the number of cases in Singapore but the country seems well equipped to deal with it.

Coronavirus in China

The coronavirus pandemic originated in China and for most of the initial months, China was on top of the chart of most cases. However, the Chinese have fared well and are not among the top 25 countries with the highest cases. The case count stands at 84000 with minor rises now.

The country used a robust lockdown system among the areas affected by Covid-19. Their massive healthcare system and aggressive action plans have allowed them to effectively handle the disease.

Although there is speculation that China is underreporting cases there are experts who believe that China is past their peak.

Coronavirus in Thailand

Face masks

Thailand was ranked the highest in pandemic preparedness in Asia, Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Thailand reported its first coronavirus cases on 13th January. The county has reported 3297 cases so far with 58 deaths. The Thai government has been largely successful in containing the coronavirus pandemic.

A report by the Johns Hopkins hospital said that in case of an epidemic the most prepared country in Asia would be Thailand. The report measured the strength of the healthcare system and the ability to protect healthcare professionals.

The strict laws and robust systems used by Thailand have allowed it to control the spread of the virus with newer infections decreasing every day.

Coronavirus in Korea

A picture of a server

South korea used their IT infrastructure to track the virus, Credits: Flickr

South Korea was the first country in the world that flattened the curve of the coronavirus. The country has reported over 14000 cases with 58 deaths. South Korea can deal with pandemic effectively because of its excellent strategies.

The country boasted a large stockpile of equipment that could be used to control an outbreak. They used a web-based tracking system which allowed them to send text messages to people’s phones who were suspected of suffering from coronavirus in Korea.

They also used technological innovations. South Korea was the first country in the world that used a walkthrough testing center among other things. A mix of preparedness, technological advances, and innovation has helped South Korea control the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus in Japan

People wearing masks

Japanese people were used to maintaining social distancing before the coronavirus which has helped them fight it, Credits: Wikimedia commons

Japan has reported 30000+ coronavirus cases so far and 998 deaths. The country was initially criticized by experts for not having a complete lockdown and having a low testing rate but the country has proven wrong. Many experts said that Japan could be the next coronavirus hotspot but it has not happened.

Some experts believe this is due to the highly educated population and the Japanese having a habit of wearing masks and maintaining social distancing in the flu season. In addition to that Japan has one of the best healthcare systems in the world.

The Japanese government has vastly increased its testing rate and the country is dealing with the pandemic effectively. There are still some who doubt whether Japan will be able to deal with it by using their current practices but so far they have been largely successful.

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