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How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks: Home Remedies, Creams And Laser Options

Our body’s largest organ, the skin is very strong. However, it is also characterized by its supporting tissues that have the tendency to become damaged if they contract or expand too quickly. When the skin’s middle layer expands in a short time span, it results in the breakage of collagen fibres. When collagen fibres break, the blood vessels that lie below them get exposed. You can view them in the form of purple or red marks in your skin. These purple or red marks, with the passage of time, become white in colour as the healing process of blood vessels comes to an end. However, even when the blood vessels get healed, the stretch marks never go away completely.

According to dermatologists, stretch marks commonly occur in the stomach and breasts of women during pregnancy and after lactation. They are also found in the bodies of those individuals who engage in strenuous exercises like weight lifting. In such cases, stretch marks can be found not only in the chest area but also on the elbows, thighs, and glutes, or buttocks. How to get rid of stretch marks is a question that is on the minds of most individuals having it. Everyone wants an even skin without any marks or patches. Although stretch marks are a result of our body’s natural processes, people often associate with something undesirable and ask questions like are stretch marks bad? They are nothing to be worried about but still if you want to get rid of them, keep reading the article below.

What Is the Cause of Stretch Marks?

stretch marks causes

A pregnant woman, Credit: Canva

Before you seek an answer to the question, how to get rid of stretch marks, it is important to know what are the first signs of stretch marks and its causes. They first appear as lines on your abdomen area, arms, or buttocks. They will first appear as streaks of red, pink, blue, and purple in colour. Here are the causes behind your stretch marks.

  1. Pregnancy is one of the most common cause. The skin fibre stretch to accommodate the developing fetus, making stretch marks appear in many areas.

  2. The adolescent age is characterized by children gaining and losing weight. It can also give rise to stretch marks.

  3. If you are following a restrictive diet, then also stretch marks appear because of the fluctuating weight.

  4. Another reason for the occurrence of stretch marks is because you have many people in your family with it.

  5. During the bodybuilding process, muscle expands rapidly and the skin needs to keep up with this accelerated muscle growth due to weightlifting. Hence, stretch marks appear on the skin.

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Using Home Remedies?

home remedies for stretch marks

argan oil, Credit: Canva

Can you get rid of stretch marks? According to studies done by doctors and surgeons, there is no treatment to get rid of it completely. But you can reduce its appearance by following certain home remedies. Here is how to remove stretch marks using them.

  1. Take a few drops of Argan oil and rub it on the affected skin. It works by healing the tissues that are damaged and broken. Its regular application will lighten your stretch marks.

  2. A natural bleaching agent, lemon juice can also minimize the appearance of stretch marks. You only need to apply some lemon juice on the affected part daily.

  3. Egg white is a source of high-quality protein. It lightens the stretch marks when it is applied directly on the skin.

  4. Another bleaching agent is potato juice. It is commonly used to prevent dark circles and blemishes but can also make the stretch marks look less visible.

  5. Another great oil for the skin is olive oil. Apply it regularly on your stretch marks to see them fade.

Laser Treatments for Stretch Mark Removal

laser treatment cost

A laser treatment illustration, Credit: Canva

Laser treatment is also an option for people searching an answer to how to get rid of stretch marks. During this treatment, laser beams are concentrated to promote growth. Although it is not a one-stop treatment, it can make the surface of your skin look a lot smoother. There are two kinds of laser treatment for helping you minimize the appearance of stretch marks on your skin. They are:

  1. Ablative laser skin resurfacing treatment that destroys the uppermost skin layer which is stretched.

  2. Non-ablative laser skin resurfacing treatment which is focussed on those areas of the skin where the collagen fibre has broken to promote their growth.

Stretch Mark Removal Creams that You Can Buy

1.   The Moms Co. Natural Body Butter (100 g) for Stretch Marks, Dry Skin and Itchy Skin with Shea and Cocoa Butter (4.2 Star Rating)

stretch mark removal cream

For all those pregnant moms who are looking to reduce the appearance of their stretch marks after birth, this body butter will help them achieve the desired results. It is free of all toxins and rich in vitamin C and other moisturising oils that promote skin elasticity.

2.   Bio-Oil 60 ml (4.1 Star Rating)

Bio-Oil review

Enriched with vitamin A, E, lavender, and a variety of essential oils, this product is great for minimizing the visibility of stretch marks and scars on your skin.

3.   Blue Nectar Stretch Mark & Scar Body Lotion Cream with Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter & Uplifting Rose (4.3 Star Rating)

best old stretch mark removal cream

This product contains the goodness of 12 herbs and is free of toxins and synthetic ingredients. It helps to maintain the skin’s elasticity and moisturise the skin around it.

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