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How To Overcome Laziness?

Work hard and become a leader, be lazy and become a slave.’ As one of the most used laziness quotes, it shows the stark reality that exists for people who struggle with laziness. For them, life simply slips by, and motivation remains on an all-time low. Their efforts to get rid of a constant spell of lethargy falls flat. Fighting with laziness only aggravates it. If you find yourself skipping essential tasks due to your laziness, it’s time to get up and take action against it.

Laziness is Not the Same as Drowsiness

Woman, sleep

woman sleeping, Credit: Pixabay

Are you a master procrastinator? Or you just enjoy being in a laid back atmosphere where you don’t have to think about or do anything. Sometimes, laziness is good. After a hard day’s work, you need some time to relax and de-stress yourself.

But if you’re feeling drained continuously, fatigued and tired every other day, then it is a sign of drowsiness. Drowsy, meaning you lack the energy to power through your day. An abnormal feeling of tiredness plagues you. It is not a sign of ordinary laziness. In such cases, you need to consult a doctor.

How to Get Rid of Sleepiness?

Woman, bed, happy

woman in bed, Credit: Pixabay

Long ago, Benjamin Franklin said, “Laziness is the one common deficiency in mankind that blocks the establishment of a perfect world”. He was right. If you want to work towards your goals and achieve something in life, being lazy should be kept at the end of your list of priorities.

Here are some simple yet effective ways by which you can overcome laziness once and for all.

  1. Rest and exercise

  2. Make goals and create an action plan

  3. Be mindful

  4. Eliminate distractions

  5. Always reward yourself

  6. Visualization

1.  Rest and Exercise

If you don’t take adequate rest, then you will naturally feel tired and lazy all day. Your body needs a minimum of 6-8 hours of sound sleep to function properly everyday. Besides a proper rest, engaging yourself in moderate-intensity exercises will also help you fall asleep quickly and wake up feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

2.  Make Goals and Create an Action Plan

Do not make unattainable goals and set unrealistic standards for your success. You will soon lose interest and motivation in pursuing them. Set small goals that will not discourage and demoralize you. Create a plan of action that will specify how much time and effort you’ll need to accomplish your tasks. Planning is the key. It will make your life more smooth and efficient.

3.  Be Mindful

Put all your attention on the task at hand. Focus entirely on whatever you are doing. Don’t mix different things. It will only confuse you and make you leave it for tomorrow. According to a Norwegian proverb, The lazier a man is, the more he plans to do tomorrow. So if you want to accomplish what you’ve planned for yourself, pay attention to the present moment and the current task.

4.  Eliminate Distractions

Falling prey to distractions is one of the major causes of feeling lazy. When doing something important, remove all those things that you think will distract you. Create an environment that is free of any distractions. You will soon notice how fast you can do things that otherwise would have taken a long time.

5.  Always Reward Yourself

It is one of the most underrated ways to get rid of laziness. You must have heard ‘ push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you.’ Well, apart from pushing yourself, you also need to reward yourself. When we pay ourselves for our efforts, it makes us more willing to follow that path. You can treat yourself after accomplishing a goal and feel more content and satisfied with your progress.

6.  Visualization

 Not many people are aware of the power of visualization. When you imagine great things about yourself, it dramatically impacts your daily habits and action. The more you visualize yourself reaping the benefits of a well-done task, the more you will be pushed by your mind to do it. Try it once, and you are sure to be amazed by its effects.

You cannot overcome laziness within a day or two. It needs a consistent effort on your part to enjoy a life free of procrastination. Ultimately, everything depends on you. Follow the above-mentioned ways to accelerate the process of winning the battle with laziness. As we all know, ‘the best way to get something done, is to begin’.

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