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How to Protect Yourself from Air Pollution in Delhi

Presently, Delhi’s air quality has reached an all-time low. This polluted air is making it increasingly difficult for people to breathe. According to the latest delhi pollution news, the smog levels have reached PM10 which is eight times more than the normal amount. Coming in frequent contact with this air on a daily basis can give rise to dangerous respiratory conditions like asthma and lung cancer.

But is there a way by which people can save themselves from this hazardous Delhi pollution that seems to get worse with every passing day? Let us find out ways by which you can save yourself from this pollution.

Ways to Save Yourself from Rising Delhi Pollution Level

  1. Always wear masks

  2. Get an air purifier

  3. Cover yourself up

  4. Maintain a healthy diet and workout routine

  5. Start planting some trees

1.   Always Wear Masks

pollution masks

Masks on table, Credit: Canva

Today, wearing masks while going outside has become the new normal. Not only will this habit prevent you from contracting the novel COVID-19, but it will also ensure that you remain protected from all the hazardous pollutants in the air. There are different types of masks available offering different levels of protection. The best among them are N95 masks that are designed to protect you from pollutants but also from harmful pathogens and viruses. If you are tight on budget but want pollution protection then you can go for disposable masks which act as a very cheap alternative to N95 masks. Wearing masks has become mandatory and Delhi pollution control committee has advised everyone to shield their nose and mouth in some way every time you step out of your house.

2.   Get an Air Purifier

air purifier for pollution in delhi

An air purifier, Credit: Canva

You might be thinking that you are safe from the advancing air pollution outside if you remain in your home all the time. But that is far from the truth. According to experts, the air that is present inside your house is also affected gravely by the worsening air quality outside. The solution to this problem is installing an air purifier that will help to filter out different types of pollutants from your home. There are many different types of air purifiers. You can choose the one that fits your needs and budget.

3.   Cover Yourself up


Man wearing full-sleeved clothes, Credit: Canva

As winter approaches, it becomes imperative to wear clothes that not only provide you protection against the cold but also safeguard you against the deteriorating air quality. Always cover yourself up by wearing full-sleeved clothes and full bottoms, both inside and outside the house. Maintain good hygiene by ensuring that your surroundings as well as the environment outside is well-cleaned of dust and pollutants.

4.   Maintain a Healthy Diet and Workout Routine


Woman exercising, Credit: Canva

A strong immunity is the best way to fight against the various diseases that are on the rise due to air pollution. Maintain a healthy diet by consuming loads of vitamin  A and C rich fruits, green leafy vegetables, and protein dense food items. It will help you to get rid of toxic substances in your body. Moreover, do not skimp on your workout routine during winters. Engage in physical activities everyday to boost your immunity levels.

5.   Start Planting some Trees

trees for pollution

Person planting a sapling, Credit: Canva

The pollution levels in Delhi will only come down if people make a collective decision to plant more trees. Planting trees is the best way to enhance the air quality and clean your surroundings. As they produce oxygen, plants purify the air and the pollution levels in the air automatically come down.

No one can escape the grim reality of new delhi pollution levels. It is time to stop ignoring or being oblivious about it. Protect yourself and take measures to protect the environment as much as you can.

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