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How To Remove Moles: Home Remedies And Laser Mole Removal

Moles are a common sight which can be observed in various body parts of people. On average, the number of moles that one can have in his or her body ranges anywhere between 10 to 40. Benign moles are for the most part harmless. However, in certain rare cases, they can grow to become cancerous. Most people like to get rid of the mole on face. Therefore, how to remove moles from the face is a common question on their minds.

There are professional treatments that are available for removal of a mole on the left cheek or any other part of the face. But they can by no means be afforded by the common man. In such a scenario, is it possible to remove moles? Yes, it certainly is. There are many home remedies that are available with which you can remove mole on neck, chin, or cheek. Let us explore them in detail.

Can You Remove a Mole at Home?

Many people find themselves disturbed at the sight of their moles. They feel that it diminishes their aesthetic value and hence try to figure out a way by which they can reduce its appearance. Moreover, mole often causes pain when it is rubbed or pressed accidentally. All this may make a person with mole quite uncomfortable and they seek answers to questions like how do you get rid of a mole overnight? While it is not possible to eliminate it overnight, there are some home remedies that will help you to reduce their appearance.

So how to remove moles using products at home? Keep reading.

1.   Garlic Treatment

home remedies to remove moles

garlic, Credit: Canva

Whether its a mole on chin or one on the cheek, it can be minimized to a    considerable extent with some garlic. It is because certain enzymes that are found in garlic break down those cells that are causing the occurrence of mole. Just apply some garlic on your mole and see it reducing in size after some time.

2.   Baking Soda and Castor Oil Ointment

baking soda to remove moles

baking soda, Credit: Canva

How to remove moles using a natural ointment? Baking soda and castor oil, when combined together, can be used as a topical ointment for mole removal. Both of these ingredients complement each other. Baking soda makes the mole dry while castor oil works to protect the skin against excessive dryness caused by the baking soda.

3.   Apple Cider Vinegar Treatment

Apple cider vinegar mole removal

apple cider vinegar, Credit: Canva

Does apple cider vinegar remove moles? Yes, it can. All you have to do is just take some cotton and dip it in apple cider vinegar. Brush this cotton over the mole and after that let it remain on it for no less than an hour. Regular application of ACV on the mole for a period of 14 days can help you to diminish the size of your mole or make it disappear completely.

4.   Iodine Treatment

how to remove moles

a bowl of iodine, Credit: Canva

How to remove moles using salt, you might wonder. Take some iodine and put it over your mole. It will work by drying out the specific mole so that it gradually flakes off. You need to give this iodine treatment three to four weeks time to see results. But ensure to apply some vaseline on the area around where you have applied iodine as it may cause the surrounding skin to become too dry.

How Effective is Laser Mole Removal?

laser treatment

mole on the skin, Credit: Canva

In many cases, home remedies are not effective in removing the mole permanently. In such a scenario a laser mole removal treatment can give you the results that you wish. During this treatment, the physician will first examine the mole to determine whether or not a laser treatment will be able to remove it or not. If your mole has been approved for the treatment then laser rays that target the cells of the mole will be used as part of the procedure to remove the mole.

When laser rays are directed to mole cells they absorb these rays causing the mole to disappear from your skin. The skin surrounding the mole where the rays have not penetrated remains as they were before. You should follow the post-treatment skin care that will be advised by your doctor.

The Best Mole Removal Creams You Can Purchase

Apart from home remedies and laser treatment, you can also take the help of certain products to minimize the appearance of your moles. A mole removal cream and other similar one’s products mentioned below prove to be very effective in diminishing their size and appearance.

1.   Wartosin Ayurvedic Wart Remover (4 Star Rating)

Wartosin Ayurvedic Wart Remover review

This medicine can be applied to elevated warts in your face, chin, neck, and forehead. It is proven to reduce the wart size significantly in only four to five days.

2.   WISH-WAS Natural | Fast & Easy | Ayurvedic | Easy to Use Wart Eraser (3.3 Star Rating)

WISH-WAS Natural eraser review

It is a safe mole removal medicine that gently works to make your moles disappear in a span of two to three days. It also prevents further growth of the wart and soothes the skin in the process.

3.   HOMEOBUY REMIDIES Schwabe Topi – Thuja Ointment -Warts Treatment (3.8 Star Rating)

HOMEOBUY REMIDIES Schwabe Topi review

This ointment, when applied regularly over moles, will reduce their appearance. It can also make small moles completely diminish over time.

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