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How to Sleep Better Every Single Night – Secrets from the Experts

Sleep is one of the most essential aspects of healthy living. Unfortunately, with a jam-packed schedule, endless professional and personal responsibilities, and rising stress levels, it has taken a back-seat in the lives of most people today. According to research conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than a third of the population does not get a good night’s sleep. People, almost everywhere, struggle to get out of their beds every morning. It is because in the absence of a lack of quality sleep the night before, tiredness and fatigue sets in which prevents them from leaving their bed. How to sleep better or improve your sleep quality when you know that it is hindering your optimal functioning. Here are some tips from the mouth of experts that will help you to attain the rest that your body craves every day.

How To Sleep Better – 10 Expert Backed Techniques

1. Create the Environment Ideal for Good Sleep

better sleep environment

A child sleeping, Credit: Canva

Quiet, cool, and dark should be the three major characteristics of your bedroom at night. According to the National Sleep Foundation, unwanted light is a major source of distraction that hinders a good quality sleep. Also, an environment where traffic noise prevails is also detrimental to quality rest. You should also remember to keep your temperature cool, between 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit. Apart from this, according to the immunologists at Northwestern Medicine Central Du, allergies that are caused due to dust, pets, and mould can also keep you up at night. To prevent it, use a post nasal drip and sleep soundly at night. Such a conducive environment is the answer to the question of how to sleep fast in 5 minutes.

2. How To Sleep Better with Anxiety

how to sleep better

Woman taking pills, Credit: Canva

Almost a million people suffer from anxiety. This condition prevents them from getting a night of restful sleep. It affects their mood and makes their anxiety worse the next day. However, you can still get proper rest if you follow good sleep hygiene. Make a proper sleeping schedule and stick to it. Ensure that you are not taking any stimulating medications at night. Before sleeping, it is a good idea to meditate for five to ten minutes in order to calm down your mind. If you still find yourself not being able to get adequate rest at night, you should seek a mental health expert.

3. Reduce Your Coffee Cups

drinks for good sleep

A cup of coffee, Credit: Canva

According to Harvard Health, one of the most simple answers to the question of how to sleep better at night is to cut down on your caffeine intake. If you are someone who is used to drinking endless cups of coffee and tea throughout the evening, then breaking this habit might take some time. Note that caffeine is a stimulant and the major purpose of a stimulant is to keep you awake and alert for a prolonged period of time. Drinking it even two hours before you go to bed will naturally make way for a disturbed sleep pattern.

4. Change Your Sleeping Position

better sleep sleeping positions

Woman sleeping, Credit: Canva

Sometimes changing your sleeping position is all it takes to help you achieve that quality rest. There are certain sleeping positions that can help a person get a good rest. It is because it helps you to distribute your weight on the full length of your body. These positions keep your head, neck, and spine aligned and decrease the pressure on certain organs. Positions like sleeping on the side by placing a pillow between your knees, and sleeping in a fetal position are great for helping you get a comfortable sleep.

5. Take a Look at Your Pillow Fill

pillow for good sleep

pillow fill, Credit: Canva

Are you someone who regularly faces allergies? It might be a time to consider your pillow fill. There are various kinds of fills from feathers to synthetics, foam, or latex, anyone of these fills can be a source of allergy for you. Always invest in pillows that will minimize your chances of suffering from nighttime allergies. These pillows should hypoallergenic. By just changing your pillow you will instantly find the solution to your query of how to sleep better.

6. Get Moving


Woman exercising, Credit: Canva

Apart from mental exhaustion, you also need to exhaust your body physically in some way in order to attain a better quality of sleep. Physically exerting your body through exercise will make it tired and quicken the process of falling asleep. You will also get a deep and sound sleep after you exercise. For optimum results, aim to indulge in moderate to high-intensity exercise for around five days per week.

7. Food for Good Sleep

food for good sleep

Plate of tofu, Credit: Canva

How to sleep better with food? According to wellness experts, there are various food items that induce sleep in a person. Protein sources like tofu and salmon and carbohydrate sources like whole grains, sweet potato and lentils are very effective in enhancing the quality of sleep. They stimulate those neurotransmitters in the brain that help you to fall asleep quickly. Remember to stay away from food items that are rich in saturated fats. They make your digestive system to work extra hard in order to digest them. You will only stay awake at night if you consume fried and oily foods.

8. What To Drink to Sleep Faster

home remedies

herbal tea, Credit: Canva

There are certain herbal teas like chamomile tea that can calm your mind and help you to relax your muscles. Drink a cup of chamomile or any other relaxing herbal tea an hour before you hit the bed. Herbal teas are also a great option for those who find it difficult to digest milk at night.

9. Read Before You Sleep

better sleep home remedies

Woman reading a book, Credit: Canva

How to sleep better with a book in your hand? Well, reading before bedtime is a proven technique that all neuropsychologists agree with. Ensure that you are reading from an actual book rather than an electronic device like an iPad. Reading lowers the stress levels and transports you to a totally different world. You will immediately feel your eyelids getting heavy after 20 to 25 minutes of uninterrupted reading.

10. Get Your Socks on


Man wearing socks, Credit: Canva

You might be wondering, how to sleep better with socks? It is a lesser-known but an effective technique for falling asleep quickly at night. According to sleep specialists, socks, by warming up this extreme part of your body increases the blood flow. This increased blood flow is what helps you to sleep better and faster.

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