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How To Stop Snoring: Best Position To Sleep, Anti Snoring Device And More Tips

Snoring is a common sleep related disorder whereby some parts in your throat begin to quiver. It occurs only when the person is sound asleep. In medical terms, snoring comes under the broad category of sleep disordered breathing. Snoring is commonly observed in men more than women and loud snoring is often more troublesome not for the person who is actually snoring, but for the one sleeping next to him or her. How to stop snoring immediately ? is a common question that those who snore ask. It is because apart from being irksome this rattling noise is also an indicator of various underlying disorders in a person’s body.

Snoring is done by people of all age groups. Even children who suffer from sleep disorders like sleep apnoea can be heard snoring. Before we explore the solutions for the question,how to stop snoring, let us find out what snoring actually means. Only after attaining a good understanding of it will you be able to discern how to put an end to this discomforting habit.

What Is Snoring?

snoring causes

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When your throat vibrates during sleep and produces a rough sound, you are said to be snoring. The organ that vibrates in your throat is known as the pharynx. Snoring is said to occur when a blockage or restriction to your upper airway interrupts the movement of air through the portion which is at the back of your mouth, nose, or throat. It occurs when you are breathing while sleeping. Sometimes, the snoring sound can be soft and in other cases, it can be very noisy and unpleasant. Now that you know what exactly snoring is and why leads to the production of such unpleasant sounds, it is time to find out snoring causes. Only then will you be able to determine how to stop snoring.

What Causes Snoring while Sleeping?

snoring causes

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When you are awake, the muscles present in the back part of your throat tighten in order to keep the tongue, the soft palate,(back roof of your mouth) and the uvula (structure that dangles at the back part of your mouth) in place and stop them from collapsing and in the process, vibrating. But when you are asleep, these muscles relax. Hence, they are not able to control these structures. It is what causes people to snore and is one of the principal causes of snoring.

Studies have demonstrated that there is no standard cause for snoring. Conditions like loss of muscle tone while sleeping, blockage of nasal passages, large size of the tongue or tonsils, allergies, and conditions like asthma can all lead to air passages shrinking and making a person snore. Apart from it, studies have also shown that you can become prone to snoring heavily if you are overweight or obese. Other possible causes are:

  1. Excessive consumption of alcohol that prompts the muscles present in the back of your throat to relax.

  2. Breathing not with the nose but through the mouth.

  3. People who regularly suffer from blocked noses have no option but to breathe from their mouths. It creates a vacuum within their throat and consequently makes them prone to snoring.

  4. Nasal polyps are big tongue swellings. Narrowing of the airway due to them makes people snore. Children who suffer from issues like adenoids are also prone to snoring.

  5. There are some medications that can help your muscles to relax. They also cause snoring in the long run.

Do not be frightened by these causes and think that there is no snoring treatment present to help you get rid of it. Here is how to stop snoring and put an end to this extremely annoying sleep condition.

How Can I Stop Snoring ASAP

snoring remedies

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You can manage your snoring problem and enable your partner to get a good night sleep by just following some simple steps. Snoring treatment options range from making lifestyle changes to utilising the various anti-snoring appliances and devices. If you find that you are not able to find relief from this condition, you can also consult your doctor and undergo a surgical treatment. Here is a comprehensive list of remedies that you can follow.

  1. The first route of treatment is to make changes in your lifestyle. If you are overweight, try to reduce your weight. There is a clear connection between being overweight and developing sleep apnea disorder. In this condition, your upper airway completely collapses while you are sleeping. When you lose weight, it enhances your breathing and helps you overcome sleep apnea. You should also limit your consumption of alcohol as it makes your muscles relax.

  2. Snoring can also be reduced by sleeping in the right position. But what is the best position to stop snoring? Try to sleep on your side. Do not sleep on your back. Also maintain a regular sleeping schedule.

  3. The membranes of your throat and nose are characterised by their sensitive nature. Exposure to dry air in the room irritates them. It results in air passages becoming narrow. Hence, try to keep the air in your bed room moist through a humidifier. Also, while in bed, you can also perform some throat muscle strengthening exercises. Such exercises include curling your tongue and repeating vowels for a few times as loudly as you can.

  4. Apart from the lifestyle modifications, you can utilize an anti snoring device These devices can be worn between teeth and by pushing forward the lower part of your jaw helps your airway become wider. But use these devices after consulting with your doctor.

  5. What to eat to stop snoring? Your diet should be composed of healthy whole foods like fruits and vegetables. It will help you to lose weight and get rid of this condition.

How to stop snoring yoga

There are various yoga poses that are designed to expand your chest and increase the flow of oxygen and blood in your body. Easy poses like cobra pose, bow pose, and various types of pranayama help to strengthen your throat muscles and prevent them from collapsing and completing relaxing while you sleep.

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