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Is Eldoper the Best Medicine for Loose Motions?

Eldoper is an anti diarrheal agent that comes in the form of a medicine for loose motion tablet, capsule, or liquid and is usually consumed after food.

Diarrhea is a condition where the stools become loose and watery and as a result, the bowel movement becomes extremely frequent.

There are several causes of this condition. They include:

  1. Lactose intolerance

  2. Fructose intolerance

  3. After surgery effects

  4. Digestive problems

  5. Infection by virus or bacteria (mainly due to stale food consumption).

This eldoper can also be known as a loose motion tablet.

Why Must Diarrhea Be Treated?

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Due to continuous loss of water from watery stools, it can lead to dehydration which can be extremely life-threatening or causes an electrolyte imbalance.

In addition to that essential nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin B-6, sodium, and minerals are also lost due to watery stools.

Eldoper (Loperamide): How does it Work?

The main function of the small intestine is to:

  1. Digest Food

  2. Absorb essential nutrients from the consumed food and drinks.

When a person is suffering from medicine for loose motions, the digestive tract is continuously working and contracting due to the frequent passage of stools.

This anti-diarrheal medication mainly works by slowing down these contractions of the intestines and thus, helps decrease the state at which the bowels pass through it. decreasing the speed at which the contents pass through it.

This allows more time for reabsorption of fluids and nutrients, making the stools more solid and less frequent.  As a result, it makes the stools more solid and consequently reduces it’s frequent passage.

Lastly, in addition to this, eldoper can also be used to treat stomach cramps, nausea and stomach flu- most of which are the symptoms of loose motions.

Dosage of eldoper tablet or motion tablet

For Adult

  1. The recommended initial dose is 4mg followed by 2 mg after progress.

For Child

  1. 2-5 years

1 mg three times per day (3mg daily).

  1. 6-8 years

2 mg two times per day.

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Meals to Consume with the Tablets: What Should you Eat to Stop Loose Motion?

Such foods that will help loose motions include:

  1. Bland foods like oatmeal, porridge, banana, boiled potatoes, white rice, applesauce, and toast.

  2. Probiotics like yogurt, curd, and kefir.

Note: Drink a lot of water to substitute for the loss of water and avoid surgery, fried, high fiber, and spicy foods.


Eldoper is a very effective anti-diarrheal that can not only treat the direct problems that cause loose motion but also help ease the other symptoms that come with this condition. Consequently, it can also cure digestive diseases which is a common cause of medicine for loose motions or diarrhea.

Thus, it is very safe to say that eldoper is one of the best suitable tablets to treat loose motions.

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