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Is Your Chest Pain Due To Gas Or Heart Problem? | Symptoms, Treatment & When To See A Doctor

Do you know that one person at every 36 seconds is becoming a victim of a cardiovascular ailment in only the United States? Chest pain occurs in various forms and intensities in people. There can be many reasons behind it. Mostly people equate chest pain with a heart attack or something worse like a cardiac arrest. However, chest pain due to gas is the most common. You can have a gastric problem that is causing you to experience the pain in your chest. According to certified gastroenterologists digestive conditions can cause you to suffer from chest discomfort on many occasions. Although not a cause of worry, you should not totally ignore frequent pain in the chest due to gas.

Digestive tract issues, especially in the oesophagus can cause you to experience chest pains. Let us examine in detail exactly what does trapped gas in chest feel like?

Chest Pain Due to Gas – What Are the Causes of Your Discomfort?

chest pain due to gas

Woman suffering from gas pain, Credit: Canva

Your chest pain due to gas can have various causes. Digestive issues, specifically in your oesophagus can cause you to experience pain that is centered mainly in the area of your chest. In fact, this pain can spread all the way to your throat. Over a small period of time, it can also spread to other parts of your chest and you may wrongly interpret it as pain related to your heart.

Before you misinterpret your chest pain due to gas as an angina or heart attack, take a look at the other common causes which may be causing you to experience this type of chest pain.

  1. Gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD

  2. Eosinophilic esophagitis

  3. Oesophagus cancer

  4. Food poisoning

  5. Motility disorders

1.   Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease or GERD

chest pain causes

Man suffering from GERD, Credit: Canva

You might experience chest pain due to gas symptoms like difficulty in swallowing food, a burning sensation in your throat, regurgitation of swallowed food, and a bitter taste in your mouth if you are suffering from GERD.

This disorder occurs when more than the usual amounts of stomach acid along with chemicals like pepsin and bile reflux into the stomach from the beginning of the small intestine and is directed towards the oesophagus. These substances irritate your oesophagus lining and thus cause you to suffer from the symptoms that are mentioned above. You will feel pain right in the centre of your chest when you are dealing with GERD.

You might wonder, how long can gas pain last? Or ask questions like, can gastric cause chest pain? It can take upto two hours for you to feel your symptoms fully subsiding.

2.   Eosinophilic Esophagitis

gastric problems

man suffering from throat pain, Credit: Canva

Another chest pain due to gas or gastric problem causes is eosinophilic esophagitis or the inflammation of the oesophagus in your digestive tract. It can occur due to allergies that a person experiences by consuming certain food groups. It can also occur due to exposure to the allergens present in the environment.

In this condition, white blood cells enter the oesophagus lining. It directly results in symptoms like heartburn and difficulty in swallowing. It happens because your esophageal lining swells.

3.   Oesophagus Cancer

oesophagus cancer causes

Picture showing throat cancer, Credit: Canva

Habits like smoking, and regularly consuming boiling or scalding liquids can lead to the development of cancer in the cells present in the upper oesophagus area. With time, cancer progresses and it becomes extremely difficult for the person to swallow food and even drink water. It is also a cause of chest pain due to gastric problems.

Also, when the food that you have swallowed goes back into your oesophagus, it’s pressure can directly contribute to chest pain. It happens when a person is suffering from stomach cancer.

4.   Food Poisoning

chest pain due to gas

Picture showing food poisoning, Credit: Canva

Food poisoning is a leading cause of chest pain. This digestive disease is caused due to eating adulterated or contaminated food items. You will experience symptoms like nausea, fever, vomiting, and diarrhea.

5.   Motility Disorders

pain in chest due to gas

Man suffering from gas pain, Credit: Canva

Motility refers to the way your muscles of the GI tract contract. Any problem in their movement can make it difficult for you to swallow food and also contributes to chest pain. In a condition called achalasia the muscles that are present in your lower oesophagus are not able to relax. It prevents your food from going through the tract. This condition can also cause you to experience chest pain.

All the conditions mentioned above need proper medical treatment. Other gastric problems that can make you suffer from chest pains include:

  1. heartburn , caused due to indigestion

  2. Intolerance to certain food groups that can lead to gas build-up and eventually chest pain

  3. Consumption of too much fiber that can cause excessive gas.

  4. Gallbladder disorders like gallstones

Home Remedies for Chest Pain Due to Gas

home remedies for chest pain due to gas

Cup of fennel tea, Credit: Canva

You should first seek the guidance of your doctor to identify the major cause of your chest pain. Even if your pain is not related to your heart health, it needs a proper diagnosis. Through various tests your doctor can identify which gastric issue is causing you discomfort. Meanwhile at home you can manage your pain to a large extent through the home remedies described below.

  1. Consume non-carbonated beverages like herbal teas more often. Consumption of excessive caffeine can lead to discomfort so make herbal teas like green tea and chamomile tea to soothe the pain that you are experiencing in your chest.

  2. Make fennel your best friend. Known as saunf in hindi these seeds can immensely aid you in acquiring relief from your pain. Boil a spoonful of fennel seeds for around five minutes in water and drink it. You will find your pain abating to a large extent. It is also useful for treating heartburn and bloating issues.

  3. Ginger is another herb that is digestive system friendly. Drink some ginger tea by boiling some ginger in water. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties it enables your saliva and gastric juices to be produced which work to neutralize the effects of more than usual gastric acid.

  4. Isabgol is another food item that can treat gastric troubles. Eat it with some curd or cold milk and you will find yourself not experiencing many of the acid reflux symptoms.

  5. One of the best ways to treat chest pain due to gas is to engage in lots of exercise daily. Exercise helps the trapped gas to find a way out of your digestive system. Hence it eases your chest pain and eventually helps you get rid of it. Make it a habit to indulge in physical activity on a daily basis.

By now you must have received many insights on the question, how do you relieve gas pain in your chest? It is time to apply all these remedies in your life. However, some gastric problems like GERD, motility disorders, and esophageal inflammation cannot be treated fully through home remedies alone. They need medical attention.

When Should You See a Doctor to Help You Manage Chest Pain Due to Gas?

chest pain due to gas symptoms

Doctor with a patient, Credit: Canva

If you are constantly experiencing severe chest pain, then you need to visit your doctor. They will prescribe you various antacids to help you neutralize the acids in your stomach. In the event of your body not responding to the antacids, the doctor will switch to a different line of treatment.

As a matter of fact, do not self-medicate or overlook chest pain due to gas even if it is mild in nature.

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