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Lifestyle Changes Beyond Eating Habits If You Have Arthritis

Arthritis is a condition which is characterised with inflammation of the joints leading to pain. Unfortunately, the condition does not have a cure but there are many techniques of management which can help you in effectively dealing with the disease.

In a disease like arthritis lifestyle changes are a necessity to improve quality of life and decrease the effect of the disease. People with arthritis can be subjected to large amounts of pain but some activities can help decrease it.

Diet plays a vital role in managing the disease but today we look at some other lifestyle changes that can help with arthritis.

Stress Management

There are studies which show that stress levels are directly proportional to the pain caused by arthritis. Heightened stress levels have become a part of life today and a large chunk of the world’s population has stress issues but managing stress becomes important in arthritis.

The aim should be to have a lifestyle with a minimum stress level.

The following activities can help relieve stress:


lifestyle changes for arthritis

Meditation has many positive effects on the body. Image Credis: Freepik

It is a technique which focuses on achieving a clear mind and a stable state using tools such as mindfulness. Meditation has been linked to stress management in life as it allows an individual to control their thoughts better.

Long term practitioners of meditation also state that it helps in managing chronic pain conditions as well. It is an activity worth trying.


Physical activities are a must for managing stress levels and it is important to include them in your daily life. Arthritis does decrease the number of choices you have but there are still many exercises which can be done depending on your condition.

Leisure Activities

A person meditating.

Playing a musical instrument can be relaxing and relieve stress. Image Credits: Public Domain Pictures

Having a feel-good factor in your life greatly decreases the stress you suffer from. Identify the activities that you love and give them time. It could be anything from playing an instrument to watching a movie. Things which provide you leisure have a good effect on stress.

Other Activities

Many people find their stress-relieving activities. These can be aromatherapy, using stress balls or gardening. The possibilities are endless. Find your own and focus on stress relief.

Optimising Your Environment

The environment in which you live can have a major impact on arthritis. An effective lifestyle change could be optimising your life in a way where you eliminate pain-causing activities and use devices which can help. The goal of optimisation is to do activities in a way where they cause the least amount of discomfort.

Avoiding Painful Tasks

Many daily activities such as taking the stairs or routes which involve a lot of walking can cause additional pain. One optimisation technique is to find routes where the walking is minimum and you can avoid the stairs. This may seem like an unnecessary task to some but it can have a major impact in decreasing the pain.

Using Devices

A person walking with a cane

Walking with a cane can reduce pain. Image Credits: Pxfuel

Equipment such as a broom which is used to sweep the floor can be replaced with a vacuum cleaner. This will help in reducing strain on your joints.

Do not be shy to use medical equipment such as a cane or a walker. Many people have reported that such devices have decreased their pain.

Be Comfortable

Wear comfortable clothes and comfortable shoes at all times. Wearing wrong shoes can be very painful as they can increase pressure on joints.

Weight Loss

A higher than optimum weight can have a very bad effect on arthritis. If you are overweight you should focus on reducing it.

Although weight loss requires changes to your diet, you should also focus on exercise and physical activity which are essential in reducing weight.

Other Lifestyle Changes

There are some additions which can be done to your lifestyle to manage arthritis better. These activities can have a direct impact on arthritis.


A person doing yoga

Yoga helps in decreasing pain due to arthritis. Image Credits: Wallpaper Flare

The ancient practice of yoga has many positive effects on the body. It improves overall body functions and its practitioners claim that performing can directly relieve arthritis pain. It improves the functioning of the joints which results in pain reduction.

Be careful to try this with an experienced instructor who has been informed of your arthritis.

Reduce Smoking and Drinking

People diagnosed with arthritis are advised to refrain from smoking and drinking. There are studies which show that smoking can cause severe forms of arthritis.


It may be a difficult task in the beginning but try making lifestyle changes to deal with arthritis better. The condition can get worse if it is not managed properly.

Another important point to understand is that one lifestyle change or one medication is not enough to effectively manage arthritis in most cases. You need to make a combination of healthy changes to keep arthritis at bay.

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