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Newborn Baby Tips For Dads

We have talked a lot about how a mother should care for her newborn. A dad can equally play a big role in taking care of her newborn right from the beginning. Here are a few helpful newborn baby tips for dads on how a dad can get involved in supporting her partner in taking care of a baby. As the families get highly nuclear, it is very essential for dads-to-be to get trained appropriately.

11 Newborn Baby Tips for Dads

Becoming a dad is a huge responsibility and an exciting event in men’s life. If you are unsure of what help you can do, get the advice of other fathers, or attend parenting classes. If you are a new dad, here are tips to take care of a newborn.


Newborn Baby Tips for Dads

Newborn Baby Tips for Dads, Credits: pixabay

Just like how a mother bonds with a baby via touch and breastfeeding, a father can bond right from birth. Start handling a baby from the beginning. This will help to comfort your baby when she is crying or when she turns fussy.

Involve In the Routine

Newborn tips for dads

A father changing the diaper, Credits: pixabay

Get involved in the routine like dressing, diaper change, bathing, and playtime. Involving in the day to day activities can help your partner when she is tired or if she requires a break. This can also build your skills and confidence and help build a positive relationship with your little one.

Physical Touch

Newborn tips for dads

A father comforting a baby, Credits: pixabay

Physical touch helps your baby to feel safe and secure. The bonding is thought to stimulate the baby’s brain development. Try holding your baby as often as possible.


Help your partner during feeding sessions. If your partner is breastfeeding, you can help her in getting her the right diet. If she is unable to do, and the baby is on formula, you can prepare formula, sterilize the bottles, and help her in keeping things ready. Burp the baby and return the baby to the crib or bassinet once the feeding is over.

Changing Diaper

Change the diaper often and don’t let your baby stay on a dirty diaper for a long time. Also, learn how to clean the private parts of your baby to avoid the risk of infections and diaper rash.

Get Help

If you and your partner are physically exhausted and mentally tired, and if someone is ready to help you, get help. It may be your family members, friends, or anyone.

Share and Care

Newborn tips for dads

A family, Credits: pixabay

Share with your partner the responsibilities and ask them how comfortable she is with the new role. Be patient and understand their needs as there are lots of hormone fluctuations going on. Stay positive and spend at least a few hours talking. This will help your partner to relieve the tension or any sort of depression that she might be going through.

Take the Night Duty

As newborns come to a new world, they may take a few weeks to get adjusted to the day-night balance. They will be more active during the night, and a mother cannot handle it all alone. Support your partner and take shifts in taking care of your baby.



Playtime, Credits: pixabay

Establish playtime with your baby. Show her colors, sing a lullaby, and talk a lot. She may not communicate but will be excited to hear your voice.

Pay Attention to Yourself

Remember that you need to care for yourself. Choose the right diet and stay healthy. Your baby needs you for a long time and you must give yourself the appropriate care you need. Take naps whenever you can. If you need a break, go out and take deep breaths.

Learn Swaddling

Learn from the healthcare providers on how to swaddle a baby correctly. Swaddling helps your babies have long stretches of sleep.

Parenting is a new and exciting experience. Learn from your child and enjoy parenting.

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