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Pain In left Side Of Stomach? 9 Possible Reasons Why It Is Happening

There are many aches and pains that occur in different parts of your body. While some of them may be not much of a cause for worry, others may point to an underlying health condition. However, pain in left side of stomach falls in the former category. This kind of pain is most commonly a result of gas or digestive problems. However, if you are experiencing a chronic left side stomach pain then this situation should not be taken lightly. The lower left side area of your abdomen is characterized by its complexity.

It is highly prone to various conditions that may result in pain. In some cases, pain in lower left side of abdomen may remain localized to this part only. At other times, this pain may travel to other parts of your stomach. This pain also varies in its intensity. It can be either a dull ache or be very severe.

What Causes Pain in Left Side of Stomach?

There are several reasons behind pain in left side of stomach. Some of the most common ones include:

1.   Digestive issues

pain in the left abdomen causes

Man feeling pain, Credit: Canva

So what causes pain on the left side of the stomach? Your stomach makes acids that help it to digest the food that you eat. Sometimes this acid can irritate the organs in the lower abdomen. At other times, the gas in the digestive tract is the main cause of the temporary pain in your lower abdomen area.

2.   Colon Weakness

pain in the left abdomen causes

woman feeling pain, Credit: Canva

What organ is on the left side of your stomach? It’s the colon or the large intestine. Since it is a particularly long organ it is folded in numerous layers to accommodate itself in the lower abdominal area. But this accommodation often leads to certain weak parts of it being exposed to intense pressure. It results in other parts of this organ to break through the weaker parts and push the tissues surrounding it and the muscles. The condition is known as hernia which is a very painful is one of the major reasons for pain in left side of stomach.

3.   Stones in the Kidney

pain in left abdomen reasons

picture of kidney stones, Credit: Canva

Stones in the kidney are formed due to the build-up of calcium. It is observed that an individual can develop a stone in the kidney and may not even be aware of it. They only become aware when they start experiencing certain symptoms. When should I worry about left side pain? you may wonder. You should worry about such a pain when you are also experiencing other symptoms like pain the entire stomach, pain that appears when you urinate, vomiting, when your urine comes out with blood in it, if you develop fever,  and if you have a frequent urge to urinate.

4.   Formation of Diverticula

pain in the stomach

Woman Feeling pain, Credit: Canva

Another common cause for pain in left side of stomach is the formation of diverticula or the formation of certain pouches in the walls of the large intestine. These pouches occur when the large intestine’s weak spots come forward. Any type of infection in them can result in discomfort as well as pain in the lower left part of your abdomen. This condition is called diverticulitis. Possible signs that you may be suffering from this condition are feeling bloated, pain in left side of stomach while eating, vomiting, and fever.

5.   Inflammatory Dermatologic Issues


skin infection, Credit: Canva

Certain inflammatory dermatologic conditions like shingles which is a type of a rash that is painful and is typically a result of a viral infection can localize itself to the left area of the abdomen. This type of rash results in extreme sensitivity, itching, and pain in left side of stomach. For this condition, however, there is the availability of vaccines that reduce the likelihood of an individual to develop it at a later stage in their life. Possible signs that you are suffering from this condition include pain on touching the affected part, itching in the affected part, skin tenderness, the formation of rash, and blisters.

6.   Problems in Reproductive Organs of Men and Women


Man feeling pain, Credit: Canva

The male reproductive organs are located near the left side of the lower abdomen. Any type of problems with these organs can result in pain in the lower-left area of the stomach. In men, it is called testicular torsion. The testes that are mobile rotate around and obstruct the flow of the blood. It leads to a sudden pain that is often felt in the left part of the abdomen. Similarly,  pain in lower left side of abdomen female is also a result of problems in her reproductive organs which are close to her lower abdomen area. Like the testes, the ovaries in women rotate and cause pain in left side of stomach.

7.   Constipation

pain in the left abdomen constipation

woman sitting on toilet seat, Credit: Canva

Constipation refers to a condition which is characterized by difficulty in passing stools. It is also a major cause of pain in left side of stomach. Chronic constipation is usually a result of lack of a fibre-rich diet, inadequate intake of water, lack of physical activity, and not going for passing stools at the right time. Improper timings of bowel movements also make one constipated over time. Certain medications can also cause constipation.

8.   Intolerance to Lactose

left abdomen pain

woman rejecting a cup of milk, Credit: Canva

Lactase is an enzyme that is required by the body to properly digest milk and other milk-based products. If your body does not have adequate levels of this enzyme, you will not be able to process milk products like milk, yoghurt, and cheese. Lactose which is present in the milk is broken down by the lactase. Lactose intolerance occurs when a person has more than unusual amounts of lactose in their blood. Pain in left side of stomach is one of its primary symptoms.

9.   Celiac Disease


wheat products, Credit: Canva

Many kinds of grain like wheat have a protein which is called gluten. Celiac disease occurs when a person’s digestive system is unable to process this protein. The moment they consume grains that have gluten, they start experiencing digestive issues. Pain in left side of stomach is a major symptom of celiac disease. Other symptoms include bloating, gas, and constant exhaustion.

By now you must have acquired considerable clarity over the reasons that might be responsible for your lower left abdominal pain. It might make you question, how do you treat lower left abdominal pain? Well, the answer is to contact your doctor. They will identify the cause and make you follow an appropriate line of treatment. Do not make the mistake of ignoring this pain.

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